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Secure your premises, record, analyze and store surveillance footage with AOPEN network servers for MOBOTIX HUB

AOPEN is a hardware manufacturer for network servers. digital signage media players, video wall controllers and more.

AOPEN operates in more than 100 countries worldwide and have hundreds-of-thousands of installations in a variety of industries and applications. They have offices across the world in the Netherlands, US, China, Taiwan, Japan and Australia.

The various models of network servers are characterised, by their graphics performance, high reliability and high-quality design suitable for 24/7 operation even in harsh environments as well as their balance of performance and responsiveness in a low-power platform.

Combine AOPEN network servers with a MOBOTIX camera, the MOBOTIX HUB and MOBOTIX NAS to create the ultimate surveillance solution – up to 64 cameras!


Key Features & Benefits

Intel® Quick Sync Video shows 28 camera feeds with 1 AOPEN server
Remote Hardware Management to reduce down-time and maintenance costs
Free up the network using two network ports: one to connect the general network and one port to connect cameras
Use two RS232 ports to connect alarm systems or in Domotica
The small form factor PCs are easily mounted onto a wall to avoid cable clutter
Fanless design to prevent dust building up
Mobile or desktop CPU

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