MxActivitySensor AI

The application reliably detects the movement of people and objects, independent of weather and brightness influences. The camera distinguishes very precisely between alarm triggering movements of vehicles, persons or objects and disturbance movements irrelevant to the alarm, such as changing lighting conditions, moving trees or heavy precipitation. This differentiation of objects according to various criteria (e.g., human or car, human or animal) is possible thanks to a filter based on deep learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Free of charge and license with every M73 unlimited usable
  • Recognition of person and object movements
  • Filtering by direction of movement and objects (persons, cars, etc.)
  • Reliable even in case of disturbances (weather, light)
  • Possibility to define own detection zones


Best suited for the requirements of the following industries:

Utilities, Energy & Mining; Industry & Production; Government; Traffic & Transportation; Retail; Healthcare; Education & Science