FFGroup LPR and Make/Model/Color Recognition – Region EUCA

MOBOTIX Certified App

Vehicle make and model recognition is one of the domain functions for secure traffic monitoring systems. Identifying vehicles only by their license plate can be insufficient for various situations. FF Group has added the MMCR function to its license plate recognition app for MOBOTIX M73/S74 cameras. Automatic detection of vehicle type, make, model and color enable advanced authentication checks at entrances and exits of buildings and protected areas, for police and traffic checks, for advanced traffic monitoring and for collecting statistical data.

Typical fields of application:

In cities and towns, you can gain information about traffic flows and traffic density in the city. For example, you can prevent trucks from driving into the city center.  In this way, MOBOTIX apps contribute to the further development of cities as intelligent smart cities.

The police can use the application to search for suspicious and wanted vehicles effectively. The matching of license plates with makes enables the identification of suspicious vehicles to fight crime.

Access can be effectively controlled thanks to double security matching in the logistics sector, in industry, or secured residential complexes, which contributes significantly to security.


  • Real-time city traffic data with complete vehicle parameters (license plate, make, model, color and type).
  • App currently recognizes 6 vehicle types, 11 colors, 74 makes, and 789 models in addition to EUCA region license plates*
  • Supported regions: EU+CIS, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand
  • App accuracy (hit probability): >95% for license plate recognition, >90% for Make/Model/Color
  • Detection time: typ. 120 ms (one lane), typ. 150 ms (two lanes)
  • Use of "blocking and permission lists" stored on the camera
  • App-integrated smart data interface for data retrieval to search for specific license plates, even across multiple LPR cameras.


The app is particularly well suited for the following industries:

Traffic & Transportation; Government; Retail; Utilities, Energy & Mining; Industry & Production.

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