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Video Analytics Total Solution

A.I.Tech designs and develops video-analytics solutions based on advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, able to automatically extract information of interests that can be used for both alarmistic and statistical purposes.

A.I. Tech Apps, integrated directly on board of the MOBOTIX 7 Series, can be profitable used in several vertical markets, such as retail and business intelligence; public buildings; industrial manufacturing; traffic management; ambient assisted living; smart cities.

Key Features & Benefits

Each application is optimized for the requirements of specific industries
The applications can be purchased and used individually or combined
Video analytic plugins certified by MOBOTIX for the MOBOTIX 7 Plattform
More than 30 years of experience in the AI fields
In-house R&D
Total video analytics solutions

Discover the A.I video analytic Apps for the MOBOTIX 7 Plattform

The Security Apps Bundle (including AI-INTRUSION, AI-LOITERING, AI-LOST, AI-FIRE and AI-SMOKE plugins) is thought for the detection of intrusions in forbidden areas, tripwire and multiple crossing lines detection, abandoned/removed objects detection, loitering detection, flame and smoke detection The Traffic Apps Bundle (including in AI-ROAD3D and AI-INCIDENT) is thought for detecting the presence of pedestrians, stopped vehicles, queues or vehicles crossing a road in the wrong direction. It is also possible to count and classify vehicles, estimate their colour and speed and measure traffic density. The Retail Apps Bundle (including AI-PEOPLE, AI-HEAT, AI-CROWD, AI-OVERCROWD, AI-OCCUPANCY and AI-OVEROCCUPANCY plugins) is intended for people counting through gates, crowd estimation, overcrowd estimation and queue management, density evaluation, heatmap analysis. AI-PARKING is able to monitor parking areas, by assessing whether a parking spot is free or occupied. AI-BIO is the solution for biometric analysis; indeed, it is able to generate statistic information related to the gender, the age and the persistence time of the persons taken by the camera in the selling area. AI-SPILL-DEEP is the plugin for fall detection. Find out more about the different Apps and Bundles here:

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