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Temperature and Mask Detection

Bleenco is commited to digitizing human safety and have now developed a fully-automated, rapid and remotely installable Temperature and Mask Detection application for MOBOTIX IOT cameras.

Our solution analyzes temperatures from directly under the tongue or inside the eye (an approved method) and whenever the temperature surpasses the defined threshold, an alarm is triggered which informs both the employee and security guard at the entrance. On average, the entire detection process takes only two seconds per individual, which prevents long queues at entrances and provides instant feedback

It also helps to implement a safe Temperature and Mask Detection process, with no operator dependency, limiting human-to-human interaction and reducing the chances of cross-infection to a bare minimum, thereby helping to keep clients, employees and visitors safe.

It can be installed remotely within 30 minutes and all that is required is a MOBOTIX IOT (Mask Detection) or Thermal (Temperature Detection) camera and an industrial-grade laptop with an internet connection.

Temperature Detection with MOBOTIX M16

Key Features & Benefits

Real-Time feedback
Automate manual check-ins
Use as an additional layer of safety
Usable with existing infrastructure
Based in Germany and GDPR compliant

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