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Changing the face of facial recognition

Corsight AI is dedicated to creating industry-leading facial recognition technology with high speed, accuracy and privacy. The technology is powered by Autonomous AI®, an advanced artificial intelligence system developed by top AI researchers and backed by more than 250 patents.

Their mission is to enhance the world of facial recognition technologies while holding themselves to high ethical standards in personal privacy protection. They provide facial recognition solutions for the most challenging conditions to empower organizations with maximum safety while preserving the privacy of others. Corsight AI works with enterprise clients and government agencies in a variety of industries including aviation, law enforcement, retail, entertainment and more.

Corsight’s core product is Fortify, an advanced facial recognition system that provides industry-leading accuracy in crowds and challenging environments. Fortify’s face detection and recognition persists in almost complete darkness (1 lumen), extreme angles, moving crowds and partially-covered faces. Fortify easily integrates with existing MOBOTIX camera infrastructure, equipping security professionals with a powerful real-time and forensic solution to rapidly pinpoint persons of interest, stop immediate threats and ensure maximum safety.

Moreover, Corsight’s signature-based technology enables face recognition without the need to store sensitive data such as facial images. Balancing privacy with innovation, Corsight provides the tools for an operational facial recognition system in compliance with regional privacy policy restrictions.

In combination with intelligent MOBOTIX video security systems, Corsight provides a facial recognition solution for a wide range of applicaiton areas.


Key Features & Benefits

Live camera face matching of 1 million records in 200 milliseconds.
Facial recognition at extreme angles
Resilience to extreme conditions e. g. problematic lighting conditions, distance, blurry images from motion, outdated images)
GDPR compliant technology as a processor providing the end user the tools to deploy safe and ethical solutions
Recognition with less than 50% face exposed - overcoming masks & PPE
Recognition through car windshield

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