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Smart up your city with pe-light

The "pe-light-" consists of a managed Gigabit Ethernet switch, a splice cassette, a power supply unit, fuses and terminals for connecting the supply line. All components are mounted in an ultra-compact IP42 housing (82 mm x 369 mm x 84 mm). This allows the Smart City system to be integrated into metal poles, for example for street lighting or traffic lights, with an internal diameter of at least 100 mm and a door cut-out of 400 mm x 85 mm. Thanks to proven technology for industrial automation, it can also withstand harsh environmental conditions.

The switch has four electrical ports that support Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 BASE-T) and High-Power PoE (Power over Ethernet according to IEEE 802.3bt with single and dual signature), as well as two optical Gigabit uplinks (1000 BASE-SX/LX) for single or multimode fibers. As a result, up to four IP-capable devices can be connected to a network over distances of up to 10 km and supplied with power at an output power of up to 60 W per port. To forward data and power from one system to another, the terminals for the supply line have an input and an output.

Thanks to its modularity, the Smart-City system also offers an optimal solution for step-by-step broadband expansion. For this purpose, the housing can initially only be equipped with the splice cassette and the terminals. In this way, the fiber optic cables can be safely accommodated in the masts - otherwise the sensitive fiber cores would dangle more or less unprotected inside - and the supply line connected. If the masts shall become network nodes, the switch as well as the power supply unit and fuses can easily be retrofitted.

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