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Support Healthy Communities with Thermal Imaging Solutions

Promote the health and safety of employees, visitors and more through the unexpected and beyond. Ergotron’s professional-grade thermal imaging carts, together with MOBOTIX thermographic cameras, bring quick temperature detection to the point-of-care in any situation to support infection control.

From workplaces to public spaces, our flexible, height-adjustable carts adapt to each application and user. Easy mobility and height adjustment for precise placement and ergonomics creates a reliable solution that helps maintain safe environments and healthy communities.

Ergotron Thermal Imaging Cart with MOBOTIX Camera

Key Features & Benefits

Choose a quality, easily configurable thermal imaging cart that moves wherever it’s needed
Quick detection: Fast temperature readings in combination with MOBOTIX Thermal Imaging Cameras to help maintain safe workplaces, public areas and more
Comfortable fit: Ergonomic, height-adjustable design promotes each users’ individual well-being as they sit or stand
Compact footprint: Easily moves through tight corridors and fits in small spaces to support temperature readings across multiple locations
Flexible design: Open architecture design adapts to future technology for quick installation and a strong ROI
Multiple power options: Reliable onboard or hot-swap power minimizes interruptions without relying on outlets
Wipes holder: Convenient access to sani-wipes supports regular disinfection to minimize germ exposure

Tailored Screening Solution

Combining IT equipment and a MOBOTIX camera on a single mobile cart creates an all-in-one solution with scans immediately appearing on the cart’s monitor. You can mount your preferred MOBOTIX thermal camera—facing forward or backward. The mobile design lets users effortlessly position the thermal imaging cart in the desired location. For infection control, clean cable management keeps all components safely organized. Our flexible carts are available with onboard LiFe battery power or our hot-swap LiFeKinnex™ battery technology to ensure uninterrupted workflows. We also offer a range of brackets and accessories for mounting thermal imaging cameras or other telehealth equipment.

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