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DON'T RE-CABLE. RE-ENABLE. ABOUT INTERCOAX INTERCOAX - leading developer and manufacturer of value-added Ethernet over Coax extenders and PoE repeaters - we serve the European, Middle East and African market. Our Belgian offices offer quick response sales support, 48 hours delivery services, marketing and technical support. With the successful launch of the single port EoC (Ethernet over Coax) extender, the Intercoax product range has expanded to meet the needs of the strong growing surveillance market, based on the migration from analogue to IP systems. From single port Ethernet over coax solutions to Multiport EoC managed switch, Intercoax has continued to develop customer oriented products and management software for enterprise grade needs and capabilities. As one of the leading developers of high quality, cost effective EoC equipment, Intercoax will continue to provide various solutions and cutting-edge technologies to the maximum of our customer’s satisfaction. Feel free to request us our Proof Of Concept (PoC) test material : we offer you this free of charge service, allowing you and your customers to discover the unique capabilities of our Long Range Ethernet products, solutions and applications. We offer MOBOTIX a unique additional value, with our Long Range Ethernet products (LRE), by reducing the infrastructural works in any project (retrofit or new build), up to 60% !

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