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Next Generation Cyber Security

Nelysis is a global-leading provider of cyber security solutions, committed to protect its customers from most advanced cyber threats. Thanks to its AI algorithms, Vanguard solution monitors the entire network and detects intrusions, mitigating automatically their effects. Whether it is a critical infrastructure or a Small Medium Business with important assets to protect, Vanguard is the answer to the fast evolving world of IT security

VANGUARD - Cyber Management System

Key Features & Benefits

cyber security protection for the entire network at once, including IoT like Cctv cameras, access control/intrusion alarm/fire detection devices
Reads real time all low level network traffic detecting behavior anomalies. Not based on digital signatures, can detect new threats
Detects physical intrusion, MITM, changes in network, unauthorized L7 protocols, brute force password attacks, unauthorized web browsing and many others
Maps and classifies all network assets, with both logical and physical topology
Specifically optimized for security IoT devices
Open platform (supports SYSLOG/SNMP)
Designed to work in closed LANs (air gapped networks)
Several months of traffic information are stored for built-in easy and fast post- event analysis

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