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Sigmoid-LPR automatic license plate recognition

We offer license plate recognition systems for a broad set of applications, on a broad set of devices and platforms. Our set of stock applications includes:

• surveillance systems for villages / towns,

• gate control/fee calculation for parking places,

• in-car and handheld mobile devices for police and security.

Among the license plate recognition core, our applications include a rich set of features, like query log with filtering, export, import and statistics capabilities, stream formats (MxPEG, MJPEG, H264, H265 etc) support of input and output devices, various possibilities to send and receive data to/from other software, and access to various remote license plate databases, for example the official on-line Hungarian national car database. (This specific program module was certified by the Hungarian Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement.)

Sigmoid offers client-server applications which makes it possible to use and to administer the recognition server from distant sites.

We also offer large systems by connecting the distributed recognition servers together, forming a unified multi level surveillance/access control system covering hundreds of cameras.

Using MOBOTIX can yield a 3-4% performance boost in recognition rate, thanks to its superior image quality over other brands. Our LPR engine uses handwritten optimized native MxPEG decoding since 2006. At that time it was the very first LPR solution for MOBOTIX cameras in the world. And we are very proud of it.

SLPR screen

Key Features & Benefits

Recognition of all European (EU + non EU) and similar plates
Scalable system from 1 to hundreds of cameras
Parallel recognition of max. 4 plates per camera
Vehicles speed can exceed 200km/h
Exceptional recognition rate (~99%) using MOBOTIX cameras
Extensive local/remote signaling/action/alarm (IP Notify, IP Receive)
Extensive plate data forwarding via FTP, HTTP, socket, email, SQL
In-house development of uniqe needs

Possible applications

• Surveillance • Access control • Search for wanted vehicles • Bus lane monitoring • Container number recognition • Video server • Custom solutions


• Fixed (Server + Client) • Mobile • PC, Industrial PC, laptop, smartphone • Automatic forwarding of license numbers via GPRS connection to a remote database, e.g. a local vehicle registration system or SIS (Schengen Information System) • Integration with GPS receiver • Windows, linux, android platforms

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