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Marine Grade Rapid Deployment Video Systems

The traditional approach for monitoring vessel speed within the waterways consisted of estimating speed based on visual indicators like comparitive speed to another vessel, wake size and handheld radar guns which are labour intensive.

Whisper Technologies Ltd has been working with local authorities and stakeholders to produce video and speed detection solutions to the marine industry and local authorities with products designed specifically for the harsh environmental and difficult power conditions presented in remote areas including onshore and offshore installations. Together with the robust MOBOTIX cameras, this results in an optimal solution that meets all requirements.

Projects include fixed and mobile vessel speed monitoring, fixed and mobileCCTV, vessel counting applications and remote monitoring projects.

Logging into a private portal users can see systems on a map and then drill down to adjust all settings via an easy to use web site. MOBOTIX Live video can be viewed and exposure and lighting levels adjusted as well as speed thresholds and sensitivities.

Data sovereignty is at the core of our private network solution which is built from the ground up to keep all data within the ANZ region and up to 7 days of full time recording data can be kept on isolated devices ready for retrieval by operators once networks are re-established.

Since the systems have been deployed an AI engine has been developed to also count vessels passing through the waterways for trend analysis helping to provide insight on usage over time.


Key Features & Benefits

IP67 rated marine grade fiberglass reinforced plastic chassis designed specifically to house Mobotix S74, and S16 series camera systems
Easy to Deploy with a Lockable quick-set mounting bracket
Easy camera programming with local web based dashboard on either phone, tablet or laptop
Solar or mains powered with built in autonomous smart battery management system (BMS)
Radar option for speed management and auto adaptation to environmental conditions
4G and WLAN connectivity options
Event and vandal alerting
AI powered object counting subscription

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