MOBOTIX Now On TV As Well. Practical IP Video Interface.

With the MxThinClient PoE-powered network device, MOBOTIX offers a clever and compact solution for displaying the live image of a MOBOTIX camera on a monitor or TV set with an HDMI connection. For this purpose, the MxThinClient is connected via a network cable to a free PoE port of a switch to which the camera is also connected. The connection from the MxThinClient to the screen is made via HDMI cable.

MxThinClient devices can also be integrated in MxManagementCenter. With several MxThinClients in the system, entire process control centers can be controlled quickly and easily with just a few mouse clicks via MxMC. MxThinClient can also display all MOBOTIX MOVE cameras in H.264 mode on a monitor. The distribution of MOBOTIX MOVE cameras to a monitor wall, which can easily be performed by MxMC, is also supported.

  • Display of cameras and Door Stations on a monitor/TV
  • License-free implementation of security applications and video walls
  • Initial configuration via password-protected web interface on PC
  • Automatic camera switching, time- or event-controlled
  • Input (connection to PoE switch): Ethernet 100Base-T (RJ45)
  • Output (connection to monitor/TV): HDMI Type D (MicroHDMI)
  • For use indoors, ambient temperature: 0 to 40 °C (32°F to 104°F)