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Stream2IQ AI and Deep Learning for MOBOTIX cameras

Stream2IQ by KOPP is the first application to provide Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the MOBOTIX Platform. It brings AI to any camera, allowing them

in a all-in-one solution:

-To detect and classify more than 90 object categories on any context,

-To detect vehicle type, make, model and licence plates (ALPR).

-To detect people posture, expression, fall detection

-To perform face recognition,

Through Stream2IQ multiple rules can be used to alert, detect, react and provide data for analysis which give advanced functionality for security, retail , perimeter and industrial applications.

Listing possible applications with Stream2IQ is simply impossible. We can summarize things in a simple way. From now on, your MOBOTIX cameras will automatically alert you as soon as a control rule is verified: for example, "Alert me when a blue car is parked in front of the entrance”.

All recordings are metadata indexed to simplify retrieval and search using custom filters while the integration with MxManagementCenter uses the MOBOTIX Smart Data Interface.

In a retail application, it will be easy to obtain real-time statistics of the number of people entering the store or the length of the queue at the checkouts.

These are just simple examples, but much more complex issues can also be dealt with.

Stream2IQ WorkFlow

Key Features & Benefits

Accurate detection
Customizable by users
Upgradable with the last technology
Multi-camera Multi-stream
Detection rules
Action and notification scenarios

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