Improved MOBOTIX MxPEG+ Video Codec:

No compromises in terms of image quality but approx. 25% less data traffic!

The MOBOTIX Concept Shows the Difference

MOBOTIX specialize in making IP video security software that can be combined with their proprietary, fail-safe premium hardware to create an intelligent complete system. MOBOTIX systems use a decentralized architecture to achieve a flawless level of video quality while requiring very low bandwidth. The high-performance hardware and firmware built into each camera autonomously provides intelligent video analysis, event detection and storage management.

MxPEG+ Video Codec – Less Bandwidth While Retaining Superior Image Quality

As of the MX-System Release camera firmware, all MOBOTIX cameras from the high-performance Mx6 range automatically support the improved MxPEG+ video codec. This is based on the MxPEG standard, which is widely used in the security sector; compared to other encoders such as H.264 etc., this supplies noticeably better and more detailed image information. On average, the improved encoder algorithm reduces data traffic by around 25% (measured in Mbps). In practical tests with low-light settings and minimal motion in the frame, data traffic reductions of up to 50% were measured.

Lower Total Costs, Longer Recording Durations

Thanks to the significantly lower bandwidth required, a MOBOTIX camera with MxPEG+ requires substantially less storage capacity than previously with the MxPEG codec – which helps to lower the total cost of the video system (TCO). There is another big advantage, too: While MxPEG permits a camera-integrated storage card to record around eight days of continuous footage, MxPEG+ adds around two whole days of storage capacity to this. The new MxPEG+ standard is backward compatible, and like MxPEG, it poses no issues whatsoever in being used with any older MOBOTIX VMS software (such as MxEasy, MxCC, App).