MOBOTIX Innovation Splash - Fall 2021

New cameras. New apps. New convenience. Experience all innovations at a glance!

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Coming up with new ideas and exciting innovations to make life easier for you as a MOBOTIX customer and partner is what drives us every day. MOBOTIX Innovation Splash combines these developments for you: IR and white light in a hemispherical camera, an even more flexible dome camera, new thermal sensors with a larger image angle, exciting, intelligent apps and many new features for even easier operation.  Get inspired by a new season full of new possibilities in fall 2021!


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MOBOTIX IoT Hardware News

D71 Dome
Discreet appearance and abundant in options: This is the MOBOTIX D71 Fix-Dome. The compact single-lens camera is protected by a weather-resistant, impact-resistant dome. Three manually adjustable axes allow you to perfectly orient the configurable optics. The intelligent video analysis apps of the MOBOTIX 7 platform mean that the D71 is now infinitely flexible. Everything is possible. Everything can be done under the D71 Dome!
Q71 Hemispheric
An all-round view has never been more complete! Hemispheric camera technology has never been so compact, so complete or so versatile. The MOBOTIX Q71 sees everything all the time. The 360° optics provide an all-round view. For the first time, IR and LED white light have been combined in a hemispheric camera. So you can even color the night! 12 megapixels and WDR ensure brilliant image quality and impressive detail. The built-in audio function ensures you can be heard. Embedded in the MOBOTIX 7 platform with its intelligent apps, the comprehensive video system offers you an infinite range of analysis options. Everything you need — inside and out. The Q71 sets all-round standards.
MOBOTIX Thermal ECO modules provide you with a low-cost basic thermal solution with a wide viewing angle. Reliably cover a whole range of basic applications, for example in perimeter protection.
S74 Long Cable Extender
Thanks to the new 30-meter-long connection cables for S74 modules, you can place the sensor and function modules almost anywhere. You can keep an eye on multiple lines of sight and even around corners all at the same time — both inside and outside.
Hemispherical module
With their interchangeable sensor modules, the M73 and S74 already set standards in terms of performance and design in their application areas. The powerful 12 MP hemispherical day/night sensor module increases this flexibility even further.

MOBOTIX software news 

New Apps and Updates

More possibilities for you. More customized applications. The open MOBOTIX 7 platform continues to grow and as a result, more and more effective solutions for your individual requirements are emerging. New smart apps and updates to existing applications ensure more flexibility, accuracy and power in your video analytics. Discover and test this new capability without obligation: All available certified camera apps can be tried free of charge for 30 days!

Certified Apps
Vaxtor AIN – Airplane Identification
The software recognizes the identification numbers on aircraft. This is particularly useful and important for private planes and light aircraft without transponders.

Your Idea Becomes a Reality

We program apps for you

Put your own ideas about image analysis into practice. As a partner, customer and user, you can use the development kit (SDK) to develop your own software for the cameras on the MOBOTIX 7 platform and program them as an app. You can also conveniently commission your desired programming via us within the framework of MOBOTIX Professional Services. This is how we're creating new solutions together. This not only opens up new areas of application, but also attractive profit models. Your idea can even become a MOBOTIX Certified App, which you can make available to other customers and partners by license.

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The MOBOTIX MOVE series is the attractively priced entry-level solution for smaller and simple systems. It also supplements larger and more complex projects on a point-by-point basis. The classic centrally managed MOBOTIX MOVE camera series is equipped with the current standard functions of centralized video systems, such as IR lighting. The new MOVE models also impress with their fixed integrated basic video analysis tools.


Super hydrophilic nano-coating for the highest image quality even in the rain

The new, groundbreaking MOBOTIX EverClear coating uses a special nano-technology that transforms water droplets into an ultra-thin water film immediately upon impact. This ensures the highest picture quality in the rain. The coating also reduces reflection and noise in low light. In addition, the self-cleaning MOBOTIX EverClear increases the stability and scratch resistance of the camera dome, reducing maintenance. 

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