Centro Medico Vicenza is a specialized inner-city outpatient clinic equipped with the latest diagnostic technology. In addition to providing medical care for the prevention and treatment of various conditions, the center is known for its special fitness area. 



Discreet surveillance — Mobile access — Secure communication

In January 2020, the medical center installed a video intercom system at the entrance and four cameras in the MOBOTIX MOVE series to monitor communal areas and physiotherapy rooms. Secure data encryption, password management and special audio/video codecs ensure cyber security. Discretion is the top priority.

The MOBOTIX solution immediately impressed us with the quality of the images and the high flexibility with which we were able to adapt the system precisely to our specific needs.

Dr. Giuseppe Cicciù, Medical Director of the Medical Center

The pandemic has unlocked further potential in the system, such as the automatic opening and closing of entrances and exits. Real-time remote discussion between the doctor or physiotherapist and the patients in the fitness studio has proven particularly useful, since it has significantly reduced the need for person-to-person contact. Thanks to the high image quality, physiotherapy treatments can be precisely examined and evaluated.


Conclusion — Next Step: Using Apps and Thermal Technology

Centro Medico Vicenza is extremely satisfied with the system that has been implemented. The clinic is considering expanding the system, as the thermal technology of the MOBOTIX IoT camera M73 can detect abnormal body temperatures in the entrance area. Likewise, apps can use artificial intelligence to detect when a person falls and does not get up again, which allows personnel to intervene even faster.