M16 EST Thermal Camera

Solution for Body Temperature Screening

The MOBOTIX EST thermal imaging camera (EST: Elevated Surface Temperature) has been specially designed to detect the relative temperature variations of the body surface. The detection, mainly by medical professionals, is used for an initial assessment of body temperature to identify potentially (COVID-19) infected people. The MOBOTIX EST thermal imaging camera can be used in healthcare facilities or other non-medical areas, such as airports or building access.

The MOBOTIX EST thermal imaging camera setting has achieved clearance by the COVID-19 Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in the U.S. in accordance with the FDA's enforcement policy for telethermographic systems. For any use in countries outside the US according to national law further clearance and approvals may apply and must be checked by the local distributor/end-customer.

Temperature detection with the MOBOTIX EST thermal imaging camera is always performed on a single person.


  • Check people at an entrance to a building like a school, office, etc.
  • Detect elevated body temperature and assist to reduce risk


  • Covid-19 often comes with elevated skin temperature (EST)
  • The MOBOTIX M16 EST Solution detects temperatures contact less
  • You can use the M16 EST thermal camera solution with the right setup for that
  • Download Installation Guide below


  • This solution follows the regulations of the FDA Enforcement Policy for Telethermographic Systems During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency

The EST Solution always consists of two components

  • MOBOTIX EST Thermal Camera
  • Black Body Radiator

The Black Body Radiator is used to create an area with a reference temperature for the MOBOTIX EST Thermal Camera.



Configuration and Setup of M16 Thermal EST Camera for Body Temperature Screening

Important Notice:

The detection of body temperature with the MOBOTIX EST thermal imaging camera should not be used exclusively or primarily for the diagnosis or exclusion of a diagnosis of COVID-19 or any other disease. Elevated body temperature associated with the application should always be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods (e.g., non-contact infrared thermometer (NCIT) or clinical grade contact thermometer).

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