Centrally Managed ONVIF Cameras

MOBOTIX MOVE Vandal & Analytics Hemispheric
The hemispherical MOBOTIX MOVE camera offers up to 12 MP resolution. It is equipped with a vandal-proof IK10 housing. The powerful indoor camera, with edge and backend dewarping, provides a 360-degree view of the entire surveillance area. Thanks to built-in IR illumination and advanced exposure control, even darkness is no problem for this camera. Simple installation makes it ready for use immediately.
MOBOTIX MOVE Bullet Cameras
Weatherproof and compact network cameras with integrated infrared LEDs for day and night surveillance. Thanks to the stable, manually orientable metal housing in the popular Bullet design, the cameras are suitable for applications in public areas – and with the Full IK10 Vandal version, even if increased vandalism protection is required. The latest models now also offer a wide range of integrated video analysis tools.
MOBOTIX MOVE Fixed Dome Cameras
Modern and compact standard cameras that reliably transfer images of up to 5MP, even in total darkness, at a range of up to 40 m, thanks to its integrated IR LED spotlight. The durable metal housing and shock-resistant dome reliably protect the camera against bad weather, vandalism and vibrations. Our new 5MP and 2MP VA models also offer a wide range of integrated video analysis tools.
MOBOTIX MOVE Indoor Micro Dome
The compact MOBOTIX MOVE Indoor Micro Dome camera doesn't have to hide, even though it can. Up to 5 megapixels, WDR and IR illumination capture details even in challenging lighting conditions and where the area is lit from behind, such as in entrances, hallways and stairwells.
MOBOTIX MOVE SD-230 SpeedDome 2MP Low-Light
The new MOBOTIX MOVE SD-230 2MP PTZ SpeedDome camera features enhanced light sensitivity of up to 0.001 lux. In the event of external influences such as vandalism or vibrations, the motorized Outdoor PTZ camera immediately returns to its original position thanks to servo feedback technology.
The weatherproof, motor-controlled ONVIF S/G/T PTZ camera is easily adjusted from the control center using a joystick, providing a 360-degree view (continuous) and a 120-degree tilt. The camera also has a powerful 30x optical zoom. MOBOTIX MOVE SpeedDome cameras are therefore perfectly suited for live monitoring of medium-sized to large areas both indoors and outdoors.
Thanks to the motorized panning and tilting function, the Vario lens can be adjusted very easily and precisely to the area to be monitored. The 40x optical zoom and integrated high-performance IR LEDs enable important details to be captured clearly from 200 m away at an image resolution of up to 3MP – even in total darkness.
MOVE Analytics Icons Bullet und fixdome

A wide range of integrated video analysis functions

With the new MOBOTIX MOVE 2MP/5MP Bullet and Fixdome Cameras, advanced image processing algorithms for intelligent video analysis are now available directly via the camera firmware for the first time. Without additional licensing costs for the video analysis package currently consisting of 8 different application functions, MOBOTIX MOVE cameras can now be used even more efficiently in numerous different application areas.

These are the eight integrated video analysis tools: Object Counting, Intrusion, Object removal, Camera Sabotage, Abandoned object, Stopped Vehicle, Wrong direction, Loitering detection

Do MOBOTIX MOVE Cameras Use The Same Firmware As The Mx6 Video Systems?

No, MOBOTIX MOVE cameras have their own very easy-to learn and easy-to-use firmware that is delivered together with the camera and which can be easily operated via web browser. MOBOTIX MOVE cameras can also be integrated into many Video Management Systems (VMS) by third-party providers (such as Milestone Systems or Genetec), thanks to the ONVIF standards S, G and T.

A powerful VM hybrid solution, which is unique in that it has a modular structure, is also available from MOBOTIX: From MxManagementCenter 2.x it is possible to make optimal combined use of MOBOTIX MOVE cameras as well as MOBOTIX video systems (MOBOTIX 7, Mx6 and older) in parallel in one and the same video management system. 



MOBOTIX now offers the MOVE NVR (Network Video Recorder), a particularly practical and easy-to-use plug & play solution - ideal for local video surveillance systems with a limited number of MOBOTIX MOVE cameras.


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