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SwimEye, Norway
SwimEye™ is a drowning detection and prevention system mounted under the water in pools. At the heart of all SwimEye™ systems is a high-resolution camera from MOBOTIX.
Broadway Cinema
Broadway cinema, Movie Magic
Following the redesign of the parking facilities at the Broadway Kino cinema in Ramstein, Germany, there are now 26 MOBOTIX video systems providing the necessary security for the new premium parking lot.
Spa Löyly Finland
Löyly Sauna
With hundreds of guests every day a high level of security is needed to ensure the safety of the premises, guests and staff.
Pompeij Italy
The video surveillance system done with MOBOTIX comes from “The Great Pompeii Project”, done by the Italian Government and aimed to reinforce the actions in the archaeological area of Pompeii.

MOBOTIX Videotechnologie für das sichere Ski-Vergnügen

Menschen zählen, Überfüllungen vermeiden, Masken erkennen oder Social Distancing unterstützen. MOBOTIX Videotechnologie kann für Skigebiete im Pandemie-Schutz wertvolle Dienste leisten. Aber auch über die Pandemie hinaus sind die MOBOTIX Videosysteme weiterhin nutzbar und behalten ihren Mehrwert.


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