MOBOTIX Certified Apps

Certified Apps are professional, deep learning based MOBOTIX camera apps from renowned partners that are explicitly verified and certified by MOBOTIX. All Certified Apps meet the highest cyber security requirements. Thanks to the high modularity, users can use exactly the apps they need in their video system to meet their requirements. The Certified Apps are all pre-installed in the MOBOTIX M73, S74 and D71 camera firmware and can be trialed free of charge for 30 days. The selection of apps will grow with the requirements. The range of apps in the camera can be automatically updated with simple firmware updates.

The configuration and operation of the apps is very simple. It is done directly via the camera firmware. Additional video management software such as MxMC is not required. Camera events and other actions are triggered by an app using the familiar MxMessage system from MOBOTIX.

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Certified Apps

MOBOTIX Apps in Special Application Packages

Each app is optimized for the requirements of specific industries. The applications can be purchased and used individually or combined. We have already put together app packages (bundles) for our customers for certain requirement fields. It is ensured that these apps of one bundle on the camera can also run in parallel. For other combinations, this must be checked in advance. Please note: When purchasing a bundle, you enjoy high price advantages of more than 70% compared to the purchase of the individual apps.


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It is easy to buy and activate apps and bundles

Any number of app licenses or activation IDs can be purchased through the same distribution channels as a MOBOTIX camera, from a MOBOTIX partner.

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MOBOTIX App license

A MOBOTIX App license can then be forwarded online from our license portal directly to the end customer via e-mail by the MOBOTIX partner who supports the end customer. The activation then will simply be made via our free operating software MxManagementCenter (version 2.2 or higher).

Partners or end customers can also stock licenses if they are licensed for an unlimited period.

Detailed operating instructions for the license portal, tailored to the respective partner status, can be found under this link:

Detailed operating instructions

все Utilities, Energy & Mining Government Education & Science Healthcare Industry & Production Retail Traffic & Transportation
  • AI-Lost allows to detect abandoned and/or removed objects.

  • AI-Bio is the video analysis solution for the biometric analysis.

  • The AI-Crowd app can be employed in crowded areas where persons can stop or slowly move, even determining queueing situations.

  • AI-Fire is the video analytic app for the detection of flames in indoors environments, as well as in urban forests and parks.

  • The app classifies the areas taken by a camera depending on the time spent by a person inside, thus allowing to distinguish between the most visited areas (hot spots) and the less crowded ones (dead areas).

  • AI-Incident is the app for traffic monitoring and smart cities. Thanks to an advanced calibration algorithm and 3D reconstruction of the scene, AI-Incident is able to detect the presence of pedestrians, stopped vehicles, queuing or vehicles crossing a road in the wrong direction.

  • The app reveals intrusions in sterile zones and crossing of virtual lines.

  • This video analytic module is able to detect suspicious behaviors of persons staying in a given area for a long time, that can be configured by the human operator.

  • The app identifies the occupancy percentage of one or more areas inside the scene, thus allowing to distinguish between the most visited areas and the less crowded ones.

  • The app solution can be used for those areas in which they occur large crowding situations and within which the person may remain stationary or move in slow motion, determining also queuing situations.

  • It is the video analytic app which identifies the occupancy percentage of one or more areas inside the scene, thus allowing to detect the over occupied areas, for example in case of queue.

  • The App is monitoring parking areas, perimeter and non-perimeter. AI-PARKING assesses whether a parking spot is free or occupied, thanks to the use of advanced algorithms for detection and classification of vehicles based on deep networks.

  • The video analytic app can be employed in areas where it exists a transit area or a gate to which it is possible to associate a virtual crossing line

  • AI-Road3D is the video analytics plugin for traffic monitoring and smart cities.

  • The App detects smokes in indoors environments, as well as in urban forests and parks.

  • AI-Spill is able to detect the falling of a person and then the presence of a person on the ground.

  • MxAnalytics collects behavioral data on individuals and objects.

  • The Container Code Recognition App recognizes cargo container codes according to ISO 6346 with an accuracy of over 99%.

  • Facial recognition by means of deposited image data. With 97% accuracy for ac­cess control applications.