TecTradeSolution and MOBOTIX: Significant Improvement in the detection of body temperature abnormalities

Langmeil/ Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, April 2020 - MOBOTIX Technology Partner TecTradeSolution GmbH has developed a solution based on MOBOTIX thermal camera that detects abnormalities in body temperature regardless of the ambient temperature, wind or other environmental influences.


The technology has already been successfully used since 2016 to detect temperature abnormalities in chemical reactors in outdoor areas. “With the modification, it is now possible to detect body temperature abnormalities more reliably. These persons can then be immediately separated from other persons and can be subjected to specific health examinations," explains Hartmut Sprave, CTO of MOBOTIX AG.


The MOBOTIX Thermal Radiometry (TR) cameras automatically alarm when the temperature exceeds or falls below defined limits. MOBOTIX has combined thermal and optical sensor technology to automatically detect objects and people even in complete darkness - over hundreds of meters and without additional lighting. MOBOTIX thermal systems can visualize even the smallest temperature differences starting at 0.1 degrees Celsius.


"In combination with the solution from our Technology Partner TecTradeSolution, deviations in skin surface temperature can now be detected regardless of environmental influences. This is a possibility that provides improved protection, especially at the moment, and once again confirms our model of technology partnerships," says Christian Heller, Sales Director DACH. "Thermal technology from MOBOTIX does not replace medical devices, but can be a valuable assistant when it comes to detecting temperature differences.”

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