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26/07/2017 M16 Wins Golden PROTECTOR Award
26/07/2017 MOBOTIX at Security Expo in Sydney
13/07/2017 The Mx6 Camera Line Is Complete: Indoor Models With More Performance Now Also Available
19/06/2017 Thomas Lausten New CEO of MOBOTIX AG
29/05/2017 Information Day for Students of STEM Disciplines
10/05/2017 MOBOTIX at IFSEC 2017 in London
09/05/2017 Single Lens Outdoor Cameras with Higher Performance - Mx6 camera line extended
04/05/2017 MxManagementCenter 1.4 with optimized features
27/03/2017 Mx6 Dual Cameras Open Up New Opportunities
01/02/2017 Change The MOBOTIX Standard Password!
10/01/2017 MOBOTIX Develops “MxActivitySensor 2.0” For Intelligent 3D Motion Detection
14/12/2016 MOBOTIX Wins Two Awards At All-Over-IP
24/11/2016 MOBOTIX at "Transport & Logistics" 2016 in Rotterdam
14/11/2016 International Partner Conference at MOBOTIX Headquarters
04/11/2016 MOBOTIX Software NOT Vulnerable To IoT-DDoS-Botnet Mirai
28/09/2016 "MxInsight" Showing All the Innovations at "Security Essen"
28/09/2016 Smart Solutions From MOBOTIX At Security 2016
26/09/2016 MOBOTIX at Security Essen 2016
22/09/2016 MOBOTIX and Advantech integrate video solutions for the transport sector
22/09/2016 Genetec Inc. and MOBOTIX AG Announce Technology Integration Partnership
12/07/2016 380 MOBOTIX Outdoor Cameras Protect UNESCO World Heritage Site Pompeii
08/07/2016 Change of the revenue and EBIT forecast for the financial year 2015/16
07/07/2016 MOBOTIX CORP Wins Patent Challenge Again
08/06/2016 Yuji Ichimura New Chairman Of The MOBOTIX Supervisory Board
06/06/2016 Information Day for Students of STEM Disciplines
20/05/2016 New Member Of The MOBOTIX Supervisory Board
19/05/2016 MOBOTIX at Retail Event
03/05/2016 MX Success Story: UNESCO World Heritage Pompeii protected by MOBOTIX
21/04/2016 MOBOTIX at SECUREX in Poznan
06/04/2016 MxSuccess Story: Al Faisaliyah Center, Riyadh Saudi Arabia
29/03/2016 Konica Minolta Inc. acquires share package
15/03/2016 Professional Video Security • Building Automation• Access Control
10/03/2016 Klaus Kiener New CFO
07/03/2016 MOBOTIX at MIPS Moscow, from 14 to 17 March 2016 at Moscow
11/02/2016 Full Version Of MOBOTIX VMS MxMC Including Free One-Day Training
04/02/2016 CEO Klaus Gesmann Resigns From Management Board Due To Health Reasons
13/01/2016 MOBOTIX At Intersec 2016 In Dubai
09/11/2015 Double-digit revenue growth for MOBOTIX AG: Dividend proposal of EUR 0.50 per share
22/10/2015 New Thermal Radiometry Helps To Prevent Fire
07/07/2015 New p25 6MP Ceiling Camera
23/06/2015 MxMC - Release Of The New MOBOTIX VMS
11/06/2015 MOBOTIX AG Doubles Its Previous Year‘s EBIT
10/06/2015 MxAnalytics - Now Available In All MOBOTIX Single Lens Models
17/12/2014 MOBOTIX AG as of 1st April 2015 with a new Chief Sales Officer
09/12/2014 MOBOTIX Elects Works Council For The First Time
04/11/2014 MOBOTIX Corp. Continues To Prevail In Patent Dispute: USPTO Cancels Three Patents
24/09/2014 MOBOTIX Presents New IP Video Solutions At Security 2014
29/07/2014 MOBOTIX Expands Its Thermal Camera Range With More World First Innovations
01/04/2014 Secure – Intuitive – Simple: MOBOTIX Presents New IP Video Solutions At Light+Building 2014
30/03/2014 MOBOTIX: Groundbreaking Innovations At light+building
17/01/2014 Dr. Ralf Hinkel takes over Chairmanship of the Supervisory Board of 
18/12/2013 U.S. Patent And Trademark Office Grants MOBOTIX Corp.’s Requests For Patent Review
13/12/2013 New Camera Line From MOBOTIX Is More Light Sensitive And Shows More Detail Than Ever Before
12/11/2013 MOBOTIX AG Ends Fiscal Year 2012/13 With A 6% Increase In Revenue And An EBIT Margin Of 20%
29/10/2013 MOBOTIX Corp. Responds To U.S. Patent Lawsuit With Requests To U.S. Patent Office For Patent Cancellation
11/09/2013 MOBOTIX Launches Lowlight Exposure Optimization – MxLEO And New DoorStation Hardware
09/09/2013 Dr. Ralf Hinkel Hands Over The Chairmanship Of The Board To Dr. Magnus Ekerot Effective October 1, 2013
22/08/2013 MOBOTIX AG reports more than 15% revenue growth and an EBIT margin of nearly 21%
02/07/2013 MOBOTIX Launches New Camera Platform – M15
25/06/2013 MOBOTIX Expands Its Product Platform Approach With Intelligent Ease Of Installation S14/S15 Mounts
19/06/2013 MOBOTIX FlexMount Takes The Lead
10/06/2013 Change In Supervisory Board of MOBOTIX AG
29/05/2013 Switch Of Stock Exchange Segment
23/05/2013 MOBOTIX Re-invents Motion Detection And Reduces False Alarms Through The New MxActivitySensor
21/05/2013 MOBOTIX 5 Megapixel Sensor: Brighter, Faster, Sharper
15/05/2013 MOBOTIX AG reports second-quarter growth of 9 percent and an EBIT margin of 20 percent
08/03/2013 MOBOTIX App: Premium Solution Now Available On The App Store
13/02/2013 MOBOTIX AG improves total output despite difficult market conditions
19/12/2012 And the winner is... S14 FlexMount
14/12/2012 MOBOTIX Starts 2013 With New Chief Financial Officer
26/11/2012 Change in MOBOTIX AG Management Board
12/11/2012 Despite the weaker market environment, MOBOTIX AG ends fiscal year 2011/12 with an increase in turnover of 12%
26/09/2012 Complete IP Video Solutions Of The Future: MOBOTIX At "Security" 2012 In Essen, Germany
19/09/2012 MOBOTIX News 09/2012
29/08/2012 Count, Measure, Analyze: New Video Analysis Tools For Retail Stores And Beyond
01/08/2012 MOBOTIX AG announces preliminary nine-month figures
05/07/2012 MOBOTIX Launches S14 FlexMount – The World’s First Flexible Double Hemispheric Camera
28/06/2012 Vacation Time: Intelligent Security Technology Takes The Place Of "House Sitters"
04/05/2012 Resumption of share purchases within the current share buyback program
26/04/2012 MOBOTIX AG ahead of time publishes half-year figures showing a strong second quarter
17/04/2012 MOBOTIX To Present Product Innovations At Light+Building 2012: The Innovative S14, The T24 Door Station With App And New Accessories
02/04/2012 Enjoy Multiple Benefits As A Partner!
22/03/2012 New MOBOTIX DualDome Camera Ideal For Poor Lighting Conditions
13/03/2012 MOBOTIX To Present More Innovations Than Ever Before At The 2012 Light+Building
10/02/2012 Icy Anniversary: Penguins, Smile For The Camera!
09/02/2012 MOBOTIX AG gets off to a good start in fiscal year 2011/2012
17/01/2012 Year 2011 In Review: Cameras, Records, Top Rankings!
10/01/2012 MOBOTIX AT ISAF 2011
23/12/2011 The Only IP Video Door Station In The World Featuring Allround View Without Any Blind Spots And With Worldwide Connection
29/11/2011 First Place in Germany’s SMB Ranking
24/11/2011 MOBOTIX Q24 Receives Merlion Award
18/11/2011 MOBOTIX conducts a share split in the ratio 1:3
15/11/2011 World Market Leader For High-Resolution Video Systems Expands Market And Product Expertise With Torsten Anstädt
09/11/2011 Fiscal year change results in a Short Fiscal Year of 3 months and a second Annual General Meeting
14/09/2011 Making Complex Matters Simple: The New MxCC Manual Is Available!
08/09/2011 Mount Everest in Focus
24/08/2011 MOBOTIX AG closes fiscal year 2010/11 with an increase in sales of 36% to €73 million
09/08/2011 Security In Football Stadiums
27/06/2011 New DualDome Camera D14 from MOBOTIX with 6.2 Megapixels
01/06/2011 T24 Configurator
16/05/2011 MOBOTIX AG achieves 37% sales growth in the first nine months of fiscal year 2010/11
16/02/2011 MOBOTIX AG reports 45% sales growth in the first half of fiscal year 2010/11
14/02/2011 Welcome aboard!
25/10/2010 MOBOTIX AG closes its first quarter of business year 2010/2011 with a sales growth of 42%
19/10/2010 MOBOTIX at itsa 2010 in Nuernberg
05/10/2010 MOBOTIX At The Security 2010
05/10/2010 Dissemination of an amendment to the current share buy-back programme
05/10/2010 Dissemination of an amendment to the current share buy-back programme
20/09/2010 MOBOTIX Management Board receives reinforcement
20/09/2010 Management Board at MOBOTIX AG will be expanded
15/09/2010 MOBOTIX AG closes the 2009/2010 fiscal year with continued robust sales growth
16/07/2010 Details Of The Share Buyback Program
15/07/2010 MOBOTIX AG launches share buyback program
12/05/2010 MOBOTIX AG remains on a profitable growth track also in the third quarter 2009/10
11/05/2010 IFSEC 2010: MOBOTIX Presents The New IP Video Door Station In Birmingham
21/04/2010 Live Images From The Icelandic Volcano Eyjafjallajökull
10/03/2010 MOBOTIX Introduces New Video IP Door Station At Light+Building
08/03/2010 MOBOTIX will be present in 2010 at the most important international trade fairs: "Light + Building" in Frankfurt and "Security" in Essen, Germany
10/02/2010 MOBOTIX Group continues successful business development in the first six months of the fiscal year 2009/10
29/01/2010 New Multi-Functional HiRes M24M Camera From MOBOTIX
07/12/2009 IMS Research Study: MOBOTIX strengthens position as global market leader for digital megapixel cameras
12/11/2009 IPC Fall 2009: MOBOTIX Greets The World
10/11/2009 With revenue of €10.6 million in the first quarter of 2009/10, the MOBOTIX Group continues to be on track for success
24/08/2009 How Mx2wire Makes A House Multimedia-Compatible Quickly And Cost-Effectively With No Need to Lay New Cables
20/08/2009 MOBOTIX Group Reports Record Results In Fiscal Year 2008/09 Despite Global Crisis
11/08/2009 Frost & Sullivan White Paper Emphasizes MOBOTIX´s Revolutionary Hemispheric Technology
26/06/2009 MOBOTIX proudly sponsors French Federation Golf Tournament
19/05/2009 New Q24M impresses with a double frame rate
15/05/2009 Company Flash DZ Bank
13/05/2009 MOBOTIX Group reports strong growth despite global crisis
21/04/2009 Company Flash DZ Bank
16/03/2009 Design experts honour MOBOTIX Hemispheric Camera Q22 in the red dot award: product design 2009
09/03/2009 MxEasy: Ease Of Use Free-Of-Charge!
05/03/2009 CeBIT News 2009
02/03/2009 MOBOTIX at CeBIT 2009
11/02/2009 MOBOTIX Group shows continuous strong growth for the first half of fiscal year 2008/09
05/02/2009 Free download: MxControlCenter 2.0
02/02/2009 MOBOTIX Hemispheric Q22 Camera wins "IP User Group Award" at IIPSEC 2009 event
19/01/2009 MOBOTIX Offers The Perfect Gas Station Solution
19/12/2008 MOBOTIX to move offices during the Christmas break
18/12/2008 Creative Solution: M12 DevKit Now With MxLink Extension
01/12/2008 Q22 Wins An International Innovation Award
28/10/2008 MOBOTIX AG reports strong first quarter
06/10/2008 Q22 Panorama: a better overview
02/10/2008 The ExtIO is now available for delivery
30/09/2008 MOBOTIX Annual Report 2007/2008
29/09/2008 MOBOTIX Offers The Perfect Banking Solution
08/09/2008 MOBOTIX at Security 2008
15/08/2008 Expected Result Business Year 2007/2008
14/08/2008 Expected Result Business Year 2007/2008
08/08/2008 Olympic News 2008: MOBOTIX Secures Holland Heineken House
07/07/2008 The professionals of the security award MOBOTIX
17/06/2008 MOBOTIX to expect further outstanding growth
12/06/2008 China Security & Surveillance Technology Inc. (CSST) new distribution partner
28/05/2008 Ports In Panama Are Safer Harbors Thanks To MOBOTIX Cameras
28/05/2008 MOBOTIX Nine-Month Report
09/05/2008 New MOBOTIX Products at IFSEC 2008: Hall 6, Stand 6075
21/04/2008 Off-exchange Block Trade
31/03/2008 MOBOTIX Changes To Different Stock Exchange Segment
05/03/2008 MOBOTIX received "European CCTV and Video Surveillance Product Innovation Award 2008"
05/03/2008 CeBIT 2008: Full House on MOBOTIX Party
13/02/2008 Big Run on MOBOTIX IPC Spring 2008
05/02/2008 IMS Research Study: Mobotix advances to No. 4 worldwide and increases market share in EMEA to 16.3 per cent (No. 2)
20/12/2007 MOBOTIX best stock exchange newcomer in 2007
04/12/2007 MOBOTIX at the World's Largest Nightclub in Ibiza
04/12/2007 MOBOTIX Provides Security in American High Schools
26/11/2007 CamIO To Complement MOBOTIX Camera Systems
19/11/2007 MOBOTIX Equips Network Cameras With 3-Megapixel Sensors
24/10/2007 MOBOTIX Continues to Grow
10/10/2007 MOBOTIX Stocks traded at the Stock Market
04/10/2007 International MOBOTIX Partner Conference huge success
18/09/2007 MOBOTIX Continues to Thrive
14/09/2007 MOBOTIX at Abu Dhabi International Airport
14/09/2007 MOBOTIX Adds Two New Business Development Managers in the Benelux and Scandinavia
14/09/2007 Professional Video Surveillance at the Soccer Stadium: MOBOTIX at Parc des Princes, Paris
13/09/2007 MOBOTIX Around the Globe
18/03/2007 Successful Premiere of the CeBIT Stand Party
26/02/2007 Everything Under Control With MxControlCenter
23/02/2007 Rating by German Bundesbank
23/02/2007 New Mobotix Camera Series: Attractively-Priced, High-Resolution D22 Dome Camera
02/02/2007 New MOBOTIX location decided
29/01/2007 French Legislation On Surveillance Cameras
21/11/2006 MOBOTIX reports sales increase of almost 30%
30/06/2006 MOBOTIX: New Benchmark Of IP Video
27/06/2006 Mobotix Wins Best of Show Award at C3 New York
14/06/2006 "Down Under" in Kaiserslautern
02/03/2006 IP Telephony
02/03/2006 New M22M Camera Series
30/01/2006 Mobotix Increases Sales By 44 Percent
02/12/2005 “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award: Mobotix is one of the most successful companies in Germany
03/11/2005 MOBOTIX M10 Awarded At Japanese INTEROP 2005