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29/05/2013 - Switch Of Stock Exchange Segment

The MOBOTIX AG Board Of Directors To Apply For Voluntary Switch Of Stock Exchange Segment From Prime Standard To Entry Standard Of Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Winnweiler/Langmeil, Germany, 29 May 2013. The MOBOTIX AG (ISIN: DE0005218309) Board of Directors decided at its meeting today to file an application for voluntarily switching the stock market segment from the Prime Standard of the EU Regulated Market to the Entry Standard of the Exchange Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, thus returning to the stock market segment at the time of the stock exchange listing.

Entry Standard With Balanced And Company-Friendly Follow-Up Obligations

The MOBOTIX AG Board of Directors believes that the Entry Standard, given its balanced and company-friendly follow-up obligations, represents the appropriate stock market segment for MOBOTIX AG.

By switching the stock exchange segment, the financial and organizational expenditure resulting from the follow-up obligations for MOBOTIX AG can be reduced significantly compared to a Prime Standard listing. This enables the management to further concentrate on the operational realization of the successful strategy of the company as well as considerable cost savings. At the same time, the simplified follow-up obligations of the Entry Standard will make it difficult for competitors to quickly copy the successful growth and development strategy of the innovational leader MOBOTIX.

Shares Will Continue To Be Listed On The Prime Standard Of The Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Throughout the intended switch of the stock market segment, the share remains fully tradable. Inclusion in the Entry Standard of the Open Market is to take place at the time that the listing on the Prime Standard of the EU Regulated Market is effectively revoked. The revocation will become effective six months after having been published by the management of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Until such time, expected to be in December 2013, the shares of MOBOTIX AG will continue to be listed on the Prime Standard of the EU Regulated Market at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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