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22/10/2015 - New Thermal Radiometry Helps To Prevent Fire

First MOBOTIX Thermal cameras to create automatic temperature alarms

Langmeil, October 22, 2015. MOBOTIX has launched a new series of thermal camera products, equipped with a new type of thermal sensing technology to realize automatic events, based on absolute temperature within -40°C to +550°C. This new technology is perfect to generate automatic alarms, defined by temperatures limits or temperature ranges, which is vital to detect potential fire or heat sources. At the same time, MOBOTIX provides a software update free of charge to upgrade existing thermal cameras with thermal spot metering in the image center.

Waste disposal

Within the available temperature range of -40°C to +550°C and a thermal sensitivity of 0.05°C (NETD=50mK), different temperature conditions can be easily defined within the new TR (Thermal Radiometry) window or over the whole sensor image with a typical accuracy of ±10°C. Up to 20 multiple temperature events can be defined at the same time. Spot metering, which measures temperature related to 4 pixels at the image center, is also improved in the new thermal TR products with a typical accuracy of ±10°C. These new releases will help to prevent bigger damages in industrial and commercial premises, at manufacturing and logistic sites, recycling facilities, forests, etc.

MOBOTIX Thermal Radiometry (TR) is available in its popular  M15, and as a sensor module in the S15 dual camera system.  Furthermore, TR is also available as S15 PT-mount sensor head.  Both S15 thermal modules can be set up as dual thermal system  for most flexible usage or as the perfect combination of thermal  and optical sensor technology to ensure the most reliable  detection results and visual verification at the same time.

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