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T25 Configurator

Camera Module (Outdoor)

This high-resolution hemispheric door camera with integrated 4 GB data storage for long-term recording records the entire entrance area. No blind spots from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. The camera can record events automatically including lip-synchronous audio. Thanks to the integrated doorbell and light buttons the camera module in connection with a remote video phone can be used as a fully functional compact video door station. Please note that we also have favorably priced T25 complete sets which include camera, info and RFID access modules, installation frames and accessories.

The camera module with a 6MP color sensor supplies highly detailed images - in case of normal lighting conditions even at night.

For special applications we offer the 6MP camera module with black/white sensor - for night recordings only.

Connection Of Outdoor Modules

A particular advantage of the T25 is the minimal amount of cabling involved – either a standard Ethernet cable (for example, CAT7) or existing bell wire is sufficient to connect the door station to the network in the building and to supply it with power. Only a PoE switch is necessary to connect remote stations (VoIP video phone or computer) and supply power. The PoE switch can be located in an electrical cabinet, for example.

Network cable The door station is directly connected via network cable (e.g. CAT7) with a PoE switch and the remote stations in the building (recommended for new buildings or buildings under construction respectively).
Two-wire cable (Mx2wire technology) To use an existing two-wire cable for the connection of the IP video door station, it is necessary to install an Info2wire+ module in the outdoor station and a second Mx2wire+ unit in the building. When you selected the two-wire connection, this configurator, therefore, adds the Info2wire+ module automatically.

Housing And Colors

At this point you can choose on-wall installation or flush-mounting.

in-wall (also for hollow spaces)


Select your individual door station from 5 high-quality color coatings for modules, housings and frames. Please note that door stations of other colors than white or silver must not be exposed to direct sunlight (dark surfaces may overheat).

white - PW (~RAL 9016)
silver - SV (~RAL 9006)
amber - AM (~RAL 8025)
dark gray - DG (~RAL 7012)
black - BL (~RAL 9005)

Access Modules KeypadRFID And BellRFID (Outdoor)

In addition to the door bell funktionality MOBOTIX access modules with RFID technology enable the keyless access via RFID transponder or, if using the KeypadRFID, by entering a PIN. Access requests are encrypted and transferred to the (optional) MX-DoorMaster via a two-wire cable and, once the information has been verified, the door opens. KeypadRFID and BellRFID also have an integrated message function (blue letter button). The messages are recorded and played back via the integrated microphone and speaker of the camera module.

Each of the six bell button sets can be used without having to replace the BellRFID basic module. The bell button set can be exchanged at any time. The MOBOTIX website offers a free-of-charge printing service for BellRFID and the info module: mobotix.com > Support > Printing Service

Note: The T25 system is designed to support the setup and use of multiple doorbells for different areas in single-family homes (e.g., areas for both personal and commercial use). For the purposes of data protection, we do not recommend using this product in multiple-family homes or multi-tenant buildings. Currently, it is still possible to use one remote station to access the camera recordings and voice mailboxes from all other remote stations and therefore from other users (families, tenants).



  • 1 up to 150 addresses
  • Keyless entry via transponder (included) or PIN

  • BellRFID Key Set F1


    BellRFID Base Modul with Key Set F1
  • 1 bell button+ functional bar
  • Keyless entry via transponder (included)

  • BellRFID Key Set F2


    BellRFID Base Modul with Key Set F2
  • 2 bell buttons + functional bar
  • Keyless entry via transponder (included)
  • Standard equipment of the T25 Complete Sets with BellRFID

  • BellRFID Key Set F3


    BellRFID Base Modul with Key Set F3
  • 3 bell buttons + functional bar
  • Keyless entry via transponder (included)

  • BellRFID Key Set F4


    BellRFID Base Modul with Key Set F4
  • 4 bell buttons + functional bar
  • Keyless entry via transponder (included)

  • BellRFID Key Set 05


    BellRFID Base Modul with Key Set 05
  • 5 bell buttons
  • Keyless entry via transponder (included)

  • BellRFID Key Set XL1


    BellRFID Base Modul with Key Set XL1
  • 1 bell button XL
  • Keyless entry via transponder (included)
  • Further Modules For Outdoor Installation

    Please note that your door station automatically comes with an info module (with integrated, non-visible Mx2wire technology) in case you have selected the connection via two-wire cable in step 2.

    Info Module Mx2wire+

    Your weatherproof bell button label, which you can customize yourself, for displaying your name, house number, etc. on the door station. The module is permanently backlit with energy-saving and durable LED technology and includes an Mx2wire+ indoor unit.

    Info Module

    Your weatherproof bell button label, which you can customize yourself, for displaying your name, house number, etc. on the door station. The module is permanently backlit with energy-saving and durable LED technology.

    Modules For Indoor Installation

    The MX-DoorMaster contains all PINs, transponder data and access times for opening the door. Since this module is installed indoors and, unlike almost all other door stations on the market, no relevant access data is stored outdoors, the Door Station is exceptionally well-protected against theft and manipulation (e.g. pulling out the door opener wires from the wall and short-circuiting with a battery).


    It is not necessary to connect an extra power source to operate the electrical door opener, because the MX-DoorMaster generates the required voltage with the integrated rechargeable battery. Even in the case of a complete power failure, the RFID access module – in connection with the rechargeable battery of the DoorMaster – ensures up to 60 hours of keyless access. In addition, the DoorMaster functions as a doorbell and the user can select from a wide range of different ring tones.

    We would like to draw your attention to the fact that there also exists a complete set which includes:

    • Camera module T25-CamCore
    • Keypad incl. 1 admin and 6 user badges
    • BellRFID module F2 incl. 1 admin and 5 user badges
    • Infomodule T25-Info
    • Infomodule T25-Info2wire+ with indoor unit
    • Triple frame with theft protection
    • MX-DoorMaster with different frames
    • All Frames for in-wall or on-wall installation
    • USB stick, pen for plastic film
    • Mounting material

    Use the complete set




    The frame can also be installed horizontally. In this case the camera must be positioned on the left side.