HOW TO Update MOBOTIX Cameras to Software Release M10-V2.2.1.10

Please read this information completely *before attempting to update*
your camera(s) to the new release M10-V2.2.1.10 as this update is
different from the usual update mechanism.

    General Remarks

This description contains important notes for updating to the MOBOTIX
software release M10-V2.2.1.10, which has been released for public
download on Sep. 14, 2005.

    Things to Watch When Updating to M10-V2.2.1.10

See the Release Notes <release-notes_en.html> for an extensive list of
features that have been added or that have changed with camera software

Note: 	In order to install this update, make sure that the camera has
already been upgraded to *software version* or higher.

If this is not the case, you need to install the upgrade to version

Make sure that you understand the differences to the usual update
process when updating from M10-V2.0 or M10-V2.1.x to the new release

    * The update involves reorganizing the internal system storage. This
      was necessary in preparing for future software updates and
    * A camera that has been upgraded to M10-V2.2.x (or that has been
      delivered with this or a higher version), *cannot* be downgraded
      to version M10-V2.1 or lower. (If you should require this anyway,
      please contact our Support team.*)
    * The Upgrade file for M10-V2.2.1.10 also contains the Backup
      operating system and hence has 13 MB.
    * Since the Backup operating system will also be overwritten, you
      should make absolutely sure that neither the camera power supply
      nor the camera's network connection is interrupted while the
      update is being processed.
    * The |M10_upgrade_de_2_2110.mpl| upgrade file can only be uploaded
      to the camera once. If the upgrade has worked, the
      |M10_upgrade_de_2_2110.mpl| upgrade file will not accepted by the
      camera any more. Future updates will be uploaded to the camera
      using the standard |M10_system_xx_2_yyy.mpl| (|xx| = language
      code, |yyy| = minor version) update file.
    * The software update M10-V2.2.1.10 allows to run the same software
      on all camera models (M10, D10, V10 and DevKit). (The *M10-*
      prefix, however, will remain for the time being.)


The software update M10-V2.2.1.10 can be applied to all MOBOTIX camera
models (M10, D10, V10 and DevKit).

M10 camera models up until now had been delivered with software
M10-V2.0, D10 models had been delivered with software M10-V2.2.1.4. From
calender week #37, all MOBOTIX cameras will be delivered with software
M10-V2.2.1.10 or higher.

Upload one of the following files to update your camera:

Model 	Software Release 	Upload 	New Version
M10/V10/DevKit 	M10-V2.0 	M10_upgrade_de_2_2110.mpl
D10 	M10-V2.1.x.y-D10 	M10_upgrade_de_2_2110.mpl
M10/D10/V10/DevKit 	M10-V2.2.0.x 	M10_system_de_2_2110.mpl

The camera will not accept a wrong upload file.

MOBOTIX M1 cameras cannot be updated using this update.

      Upload File Checksums

Upload 	MD5 Checksum
M10_upgrade_de_2_2110.mpl 	36d9ed4ed1bf505dcc6e5c7fce27b254
M10_system_de_2_2110.mpl 	f80bb8c9e46f193115e0fe51e45a17d2
M10_system_es_2_2110_BETA.mpl 	dc8e56a35e014218ff960148b12e80db
M10_system_fr_2_2110_BETA.mpl 	23f55c4bffe4ea52cfc483fba6ec7bda
M10_system_it_2_2110.mpl 	318e26343f4909d97a50f823fa08e8c2
M10_system_jp_2_2110_BETA.mpl 	a2ca60d90b0648e1800b2444ea5ee1c8

    Upgrading Process for M10-V2.0 or M10-V2.1

   1. Download the file |M10_upgrade_de_2_2110.mpl| from the MOBOTIX
      Note that this file has 13 MB.
   2. Save your camera configuration (*Admin Menu > Configuration >
      Save*), the audio files you uploaded to the camera (*Admin Menu >
      Audio > Manage Voice Messages*) and Icons (*Admin Menu > Logos and
      Image Profiles> Manage Image Files*) to your computer. These files
      will not be changed during the update. Saving to your computer is
      only an additional safety measure.
   3. Make sure that neither the camera power supply nor the network
      connection will be disrupted. A disrupted network connection or
      power supply when upgrading can make the camera operating system
      unusable and the camera will fail to boot. (This will require you
      to send the camera back to the factory; this service is not free!)
   4. Make sure that you are connected directly to the camera, without
      any proxy server in-between. Some proxy servers do not accept
      files as large as this upgrade file.
   5. Restart the camera.
   6. Open *Admin Menu > Update System Software* and upload the file
      |M10_upgrade_de_2_2110.mpl| into the camera. The data will be
      loaded to the camera first, then written to flash memory (LEDs are

      *Never disconnect the camera's power supply or the network
      connection while the camera processes the upgrade. This may cause
      the upgrade to fail and will damage the camera, requiring you to
      send the camera to the factory for repair. This service is not free!*

   7. As soon as the camera tells you that the upgrade has finished
      successfully, restart the camera using the link in the dialog.
   8. Open *Admin Menu > Hardware and Release Information* and make sure
      that the camera is running on the /M10-V2.2.1.10/ *operating
      system* and that *Type* reflects the proper camera type.
   9. If the camera runs on the Backup operating system (red camera
      background in the browser user interface) or a different operating
      system version is displayed, reapply the upgrade to the camera. If
      the problems persist, please contact our support. Make sure that
      you have the serial IP address (factory IP) of the camera handy.

    Upgrading Process for M10-V2.2.0 or Higher

Updates from versions M10-V2.2.0.3 or higher to version M10-V2.2.1.10 or
higher will be uploaded to the camera using the standard
|M10_system_xx_2_yyy.mpl| (|xx| = language code, |yyy| = minor version)
update file. In this case, downgrading to a lower version M10-V2.2.x
will present any problems.

    Other Language Versions

The current upload file contains the languages *English* (default) and
*German*. As soon as other languages are available, we will publish them
for downloading from this location.