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The MOBOTIX MxDisplay is a video door intercom with touch screen, microphone, speaker, WiFi module, RFID module and integrated video management software for MOBOTIX door stations and cameras. These Release Notes contain a short technical description of the most important features of the software for the MOBOTIX MxDisplay.

Software Releases—Overview:

Release Version

Creation Date

Publishing Date

(MxDisplay+ only)



(MxDisplay+ only)
(replaced by V2.1.0.33)











MxDisplay+ Software-Release V2.1.0.33

Creation Date: 2016-10-10

Publishing Date: 2016-10-20

Important Notes:

Enhancements and Improvements

New Floor Call Feature (Uses the Signal Input/Output Pins of the MxDisplay+)

Starting with firmware release 2.1.0.x, the MxDisplay+ provides a floor call functionality. It is intended for scenarios in which both – a main door at a building and an apartment door on a floor inside – are present. The main door is equipped with a door station that is controlled by an MxDisplay+ as intercom, while the apartment door is connected directly to the MxDisplay+. The two wires of the apartment doorbell and the wires of any door contacts or door lock contacts are connected to the signal inputs, the electrical door opener is connected to the signal output of the MxDisplay+. The MxDisplay+ will indicate the doorbell that had been pressed, allowing you to open the corresponding door.

To configure this feature, open the new Settings > Installation > Door Configuration > Floor Call dialog. For additional details to the connections that are required for this feature, please read the document Quick Install MxDisplay+, which is available on the MOBOTIX website in the section.

External Temperature Sensor

This firmware supports an external temperature sensor that has been connected to the separate input terminals T+/T- of the MxDisplay+. The following temperature sensors can be used:

To select the attached temperature sensor, open the Settings > Installation > Display Configuration > Temperature Sensor dialog.


Known Limitations


MxDisplay Software-Release V1.0.2.16

Creation Date: 2015-06-18

Publishing Date: 2015-06-26

Important Notes:

Enhancements and Improvements

Redesigned "Access Control" Dialog, Tool Tips

The Settings > Access Control dialog has been completely redesigned. The menu structure, in particular, has been improved when adding new RFID cards. In addition, the dialog has been improved for adding PINs, users, parties and door stations that opens when tapping the "+" icon: When tapping and holding an icon, a text explains the icon's function. The same applies to all other dialogs that contain icons.

If a PIN has been set for an RFID card in the access control, the following applies when trying to gain access using the card: If a KeypadRFID controls the access, you also need to enter the assigned PIN, whereas a BellRFID will grant access using only the card.

New Functions for Softbuttons

Two new functions are available when defining "function icons":

If function icons have been created, the tool bar beneath the live image shows an additional "checkerboard" icon. Tap on this icon to see and to use the defined function icons.

Note: To activate and define function icons, tap and hold the Home button in the MxDisplay main menu.

Enhanced Menus and Screens


Known Limitations


MxDisplay Software-Release V1.0.2.0

Creation Date: 2014-11-14

Publishing Date: 2014-11-17

This is the first officially published software release for the MOBOTIX MxDisplay.

MxDisplay Features

"A Smartphone On the Wall"

That's the first impression of the new wall-mounted display from MOBOTIX. It can be integrated flush with the wall, comes in a stylish design in black or white and users can operate it using gestures, just like a modern smartphone. With just a few swipes, the user can look at an overview of the cameras in the house, retrieve the latest video messages of the door intercoms or create a new access transponder for a visitor.

The MxDisplay is extremely easy to operate and serves as an intercom for the video door station. Regardless of what menu the user is in, tapping the key icon immediately shows the live image of the door station. Tapping and holding opens the door. If necessary, you can increase the security by assigning a PIN or RFID transponder.

Main Features

Besides the features mentioned above, the MxDisplay has many more features; the most important ones are listed in the following:

Notes on Setting up MxDisplay

Special Operating Instructions

Known Limitations

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