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MOBOTIX App for iOS and Android. Mobile intercom for MOBOTIX IP video door stations. Receive the doorbell notification, see who is ringing, talk to the visitor, open the door.

Software Releases—Overview

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MxBell 2.1.2



MxBell 2.1 (replaced by MxBell 2.1.2)



MxBell 2.0.1



MxBell 1.0



System Requirements

Note for Android Users: Even when using the most recent Android version, you may experience restrictions in functionality on some Android devices. Unfortunately, this can happen due to the multitude of hardware components of Android systems.

Notes on Setting Up and Using MxBell


Release 2.1.2 of MxBell App

Creation Date: 2019-05-06

Publishing Date: 2019-05-08

Enhancements and Improvements

Push Notifications by All Cameras

From this release on, the app can receive and signal push notifications from all MOBOTIX IoT cameras of the Mx4/5 series (with firmware release or higher) and Mx6 series (with firmware release or higher). To configure this, open the Camera dialog and find the new Alarm option in the Notifications section. Activating this option will automatically configure the camera to send push notifications to MxBell for all configured events. The same applies to door stations using the additional Ring option in the same dialog.

Redesigned User Interface and Themes (App Background)

The face lift of this release provides a contemporary design and an improved user experience thanks to the new interface elements that are using overlay technology. The menu and tool bars of the app are thus smaller are easily blanked out (see next section). In the Themes section of the Settings, the Dark Theme provides a new look for MxBell, while the background of the standard theme has been changed to a lighter shade of white.

Full Image Display

In the Live, Playback, and Grid views, you can now tap of a camera image to show them in full screen mode. Tap again of the screen to unhide the overlay elements.

"Visitors" View

The new Visitors view collects all doorbell events of all door stations and provides an overview of all visitors that rang the doorbell at one of the door stations.

Bell Behavior and Specific Ring Tones

From this release on, the app will also show a ring notification, even if the app itself is open. Since the app uses different predefined sounds for doorbell and alarm notifications, you can easily differentiate between these two notification types. Open the Settings if you want to change the ring tone and the alarm tone.

Further Improvements


Known Limitations


Release 2.0.1 of MxBell App

Creation Date: 2018-04-25

Publishing Date: 2018-04-27

Enhancements and Improvements

Revised Playback View

The revised Playback View allows searching events recorded by the attached door stations and cameras for a specific point in time and to play back the clips using mobile connections.

Grid view

This new view provides a structured view of up to four camera live streams at once.

Distinctive MxBell Ring Tone

The new and distinctive MxBell ring tone ensures that you will not miss any door bell events.

Further Improvements


Known Limitations


Release 1.0 of MxBell App

Creation Date: 2017-11-10

Publishing Date: 2017-11-14

MxBell Features

The MOBOTIX MxBell app can be used as a mobile interface station for MOBOTIX door stations with P3 processor (PXA320). If someone rings the doorbell, the ringing is signaled via push notification in MxBell. MxBell can show the door station's live image, you can talk to the visitor and open the door.

You can also integrate other cameras, show their live image and open an audio connection to a camera. MxBell automatically finds and integrates all cameras present in the network that are also accessible via WiFi. Note that you can also add a remote address in addition to the local IP address for each camera or door station. The local address is used for accessing the cameras via the WiFi at home, while the remote address is used when you are on the road. For this purpose, you can define "locations" in MxBell. For each camera and location, you can specify either the local or a remote address and select the bandwidth to use for that connection. When using slow connections, the app will pull smaller images at a lower frame rate (1 image/sec) from the camera or door station and reduce the audio quality.

Notes on Setting Up and Using MxBell

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