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These Release Notes contain a technical description of the most important changes of this software release of the MOBOTIX M10/D10 and V10 network cameras.

Software Releases—Overview:

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Changes in Software Release M10-V2.2.3.24-r4

Release-Date: 2019-06-06

Security Updates

This software release contains important security updates for the cameras listed above. To make sure that your system keeps the best possible protection against cyber attacks, MOBOTIX explicitly recommends updating to this software release.


Changes in Software Release M10-V2.2.3.24

Release-Date: 2006-12-22


Current Language Versions

This version is available in the following language combinations:

Additional Time Zones

The following additional time zones can now be set:

Improvements in Camera Event Player

A small picture of a pair of binoculars has replaced the „?“ symbol on the button which opens the Event Search dialog.

A button with a small picture of a diskette has been added which, when clicked, opens the dialog for Event Download.

Improved Camera Night Switch Level (Video Motion Detection)

Internal Improvements to the Setting of the Color Profile for „Automatic WB“ (WB = White Balance)

The internal algorithm for the Automatic WB color profile (Setup Menu > Color Settings) has been changed to accommodate very extreme situations whereby strongly colored room lighting sometimes caused the image to take on an unnatural color tint.

Display of the Left Camera Sensor Now Available in PDA Screens

The left camera sensor can now be viewed in PDA screens by using one of the following commands:

New MxPEG ActiveX Control V1.2.19

The ActiveX control necessary for viewing the rapid image rate available via the MPEG stream in the Internet Explorer has been replaced with the improved 1.2.19 release. This version displays a smaller MxPEG logo in the bottom left corner of the live image the first time the video stream is loaded when the browser is using ActiveX and also whenever switching back to the live image from another view (i.e. Event Player or MultiView). The logo is only displayed for a few seconds to confirm that you are actually viewing the MxPEG stream and then fades out. Other than that, this version also contains certain changes and error corrections, the technical details of which are only important, should you be using this ActiveX control in your own custom applications.



Changes in Software M10-V2.2.3.18

Release Date: 2006-06-27

New Features

Additional Quick Controls and Expanded Softbuttons

Speaker Icon on the Player Screen

The Player screen now has a speaker icon that can be used to toggle the sound recorded by the camera on or off—provided that you are using Internet Explorer on a Windows computer.

"Microphone Sensitivity" Quick Control Menu

This menu allows setting the sensitivity of the camera microphone.

"Speaker Volume" Quick Control Dialog

Allows setting all volume levels for the camera speaker and can play back the camera sound files on the speaker.

"High-Quality Image" Icon

Allows configuring the camera to deliver the best image quality. This softbutton opens a dialog, which shows all configuration changes, allowing you to approve or cancel the changes.

Enhancements and Improvements

* Security Patch Prevents Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) *

This patch prevents Cross-Site Scripting, i.e. the camera will not execute JavaScript code it has received via manipulated URLs.

Behavior of the Expanded Softbuttons (Arm & Record, Audio On)

VoIP Improvements



Changes in Software M10-V2.2.3.12

Release Date: 2006-04-06

Revised Model Feature Matrix

The difference in the software features of the Basic, Web, IT and Secure models have been revised and partly changed. The following list contains the most important changes:

Open > Feature Overview to find a detailed list of the differences between the individual models.

New Features and Enhancements

With software release, the following new features have been added to the software:

Simplified Camera Operation—Expanded Softbuttons and Audio Icon

New softbuttons and icons have been added, which are aimed at facilitating crucial configuration tasks. Using these softbuttons can automatically carry out several configuration settings, which would otherwise involve making the settings manually in several dialogs. The settings are shown in a separate dialog, which also allows storing the settings permanently.

"Audio On" Softbutton

This softbutton will transmit the audio channel from the camera microphone to the computer's sound system, provided you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer on a Windows computer.

Speaker Icon

This new button allows activating/deactivating the audio channel from the camera microphone, provided you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer on a Windows computer.

"Arm & Record" Softbutton

This softbutton can set are configuration parameters required to arm the camera's event control, including the video motion detection and set the Event Recording mode. If the camera detects a video motion (VM) event, it will store the event as an MxPEG stream.

Master/Slave Feature and Custom Signals

Master/Slave Feature

This feature allows to control the arming of cameras in a MOBOTIX camera network (the so-called "Slave" cameras) from one special camera, the "Master" camera. In other words, the Slave cameras will always be armed, if the Master camera is armed. The arming state will be synchronized as set in the General Event Settings dialog and in the Action and Messaging dialogs.

Open Setup Menu > General Event Settings to configure the Master/Slave settings as required.

Custom Signals

The Custom Signals allow accessing the physical signal input of one camera that is connected to the alarm system, from any other camera of the MOBOTIX camera network. The status of the signal input of the Master camera can be used by the other cameras to control individual arming settings.

The Custom Signals are also configured in the General Event Settings dialog.

Scheduled Access Control by Supervisor

The new Supervisor user allows limiting access to the MOBOTIX camera for any user groups (even the admins group) according to a global rule (for all groups) or individual group rules.
A typical example would be scheduled access control for camera administrators to prevent misuse of their administration privileges where access to otherwise blocked video/audio data is concerned. In such a scenario, the Supervisor would limit the access of the admins group to a specific time once a week week, during which the administrators would be accompanied by a trusted employee.




Changes in Software M10-V2.2.2.17

Release Date: 2005-12-22

Important Enhancements

Version M10-V2.2.2.17 is mainly a bugfix release that fixes a software bug in version M10-V2.2.2.15.

Bugfix: Video Motion Detection (VM)

Malfunctioning video motion detection (VM) from changes in the exposure control are now suppressed.


Changes in Software M10-V2.2.2.15

Release Date: 2005-12-08

Important Enhancements

Version M10-V2.2.2.15 is mainly a bugfix release that fixes a software bug in version M10-V2.2.2.13.

Bugfix:Signal inputs

The previous versions M10-V2.2.2 had a bug when assessing the state of the signal inputs SI, SI2, SI3, and SI4.

When assessing the state of the signal inputs, the switch states "open" (high) and "closed" (low) had been cross-matched. This also meant that the states "rising" and "falling" of the signal flank had been switched.

This error causes cameras, that were set to trigger an event upon detecting the "signal input open" state now triggered events when the signal input was closed.

This error has been removed in M10-V2.2.2.15.

Caution: If the error had been fixed temporarily for running with software M10-V2.2.2.13 by inverting the signal input trigger from "open" to "closed" or from "rising" to "falling" (or vice versa), you will have to restore the original settings after uploading software version M10-V2.2.2.15.

We recommend to thoroughly test the settings after updating to version M10-V2.2.2.15 when using the Signal Input events.

Access Control

Management of access control settings has been enhanced in several dialogs.

Image Processing

Improvement of image quality when getting night images using the image link.

Event Detection

Bugfix: When retriggering events, the event back link got lost.

VoIP Telephony

Bugfix: When trying to register for the first time for VoIP Telephony, the settings for NAT had not been used. NAT settings had only been used upon the second registration attempt.


Changes in Software M10-V2.2.2.13

Release Date: 2005-10-28

Major Improvements

Detailed Release Notes

Image and Exposure Control




Known Bugs

Events, Actions and Messages



Extended Access Control



Network, Phone



Help, Documentation




MxViewer (named MxViewer previously).

MxViewer ActiveX


Changes in Software M10-V2.2.2.10

Release Date: 2005-09-14

New Features


Other Changes


Changes in Software M10-V2.2.1.4

Release Date: 2005-07-06

Basic Changes

New Features


Other Changes


Changes in Software M10-V2.2.0.5

These notes list the most important news of the software releases M10-V2.0.3 and M10-V2.0.5 for MOBOTIX M10 and M10-V2.1.0 for MOBOTIX D10 camera models.

Basic Changes


General System Properties

Network Settings

Basic Settings

Image Creation

Image Display, User Interface

Storing images


Not active (e.g. Arm Recording set to Off)


Waiting for action




Continuous Recording

Events and actions


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