Release Notes for MOBOTIX MOVE Camera Models SD-330, SD-340-IR

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Publisher: MOBOTIX AG
Author: Thilo Schüller
Date: 2019-08-01
Document: release-notes_en.html
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These Release Notes contain a technical description of the most important changes in the software for the MOBOTIX MOVE network cameras.

Overview of the Software Releases

Release Version Creation Date Publishing Date
mb20190711RS 2019-07-11 2019-08-01
mb20181025RS 2018-10-25 2018-11-02



Software Release mb20190711RS for MOBOTIX MOVE Camera Models SD-330, SD-340-IR

Creation Date: 2019-07-11

Publishing Date: 2019-08-01

Enhancements and Improvements

Full ONVIF S Conformity Attained

With this release, the cameras are fully compliant to ONVIF S according to the ONVIF Test Tool v18.12.

Other Enhancements and Improvements



Software Release mb20181025RS for MOBOTIX MOVE Camera Models SD-330, SD-340-IR

Creation Date: 2018-10-25

Publishing Date: 2018-11-02

Enhancements and Improvements

Integration in MxManagementCenter 2.0 and MOBOTIX NAS

Starting with this release, MOBOTIX MOVE cameras can be integrated in MxMC 2.0 and MOBOTIX NAS devices. The integration uses ONVIF Profile S for this purpose.

Bonjour Search

Starting with this release, you can find MOBOTIX MOVE cameras on the network using the Bonjour service. Open the System > Network > Bonjour dialog to find the settings.

ONVIF Profile S

This release contains improvements to the ONVIF Profile S to enhance the integration in MxMC 2.0 and MOBOTIX NAS devices.

Other Improvements


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