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Author: Bernd Wilhelm
Date: 2021-05-26
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The MOBOTIX HUB is an open video management platform (VMP) for businesses of all types and sizes. It enables the integration of security and analysis cameras, access control systems, security systems, environmental sensors, software and hardware interfaces to industrial plants and many more, in a common control and user interface – centrally, clearly and user-friendly. MOBOTIX IoT cameras, like many IP cameras from other manufacturers, can be integrated into the system via device-specific drivers or via the ONVIF standard.

The flexible, scalable system is available in five different variants: from the free L1 version for small installations with up to eight cameras to the L5 variant, which enables highly distributed enterprise solutions for several thousand devices to be implemented.

The following document provides information about the system requirements, installation, and specific features of each version of MOBOTXI HUB.

Software Releases—Overview

Release Version

Release Date

HUB 2020 R3

System Requirements

MOBOTIX HUB is suitable for installation and operation on Windows systems. The computers used must meet certain system requirements for the following software and hardware components:

Depending on the variant used (L1 to L5) of the MOBOTIX HUB, there are differences in these requirements. A detailed description of the system requirements for the different variants is available on the MOBOTIX website below Support > Download Center > Marketing & Documentation > User Manuals  > Video Management Systems > MOBOTIX HUB in the document MOBOTIX HUB System Requirements.

Additions to the system requirements

Supported camera models

The following MOBOTIX camera models can be integrated into MOBOTIX HUB via device-specific drivers:

For the models of the MOBOTIX 7, Mx6 and P3 series, special functions are supported in the Desk Client of the MOBOTIX HUB (see below). Cameras of the two IoT model series MOBOTIX 7 and Mx6 as well as the MOVE series can alternatively be integrated via the ONVIF standard. A list of all supported camera models can be downloaded from the MOBOTIX website in the MOBOTIX HUB section as an Excel file (in ZIP archive)

Important notes on installing on Windows systems

Meaning of each installation file



Installation required or optional


Installation of all server and client components



Installing the Desk Client application on 64-bit Windows computers on a distributed system



Installing the Desk Client application on 32-bit computers on a distributed system



Install specific extensions of the Desk Client on 64-bit Windows systems for specific app features of the MOBOTIX 7 IoT cameras



Installing a server component to use a HUB Web Client or HUB Mobile Client



Installation of a special server component for remote access to MOBOTIX HUB live streams or recordings by RTSP clients via the ONVIF interface


MOBOTIX_HUB_VMSDriverInstaller115a.exe (available in the Support > Download Center > Software Downloads > MOBOTIX HUB section of the MOBOTIX website)

Installation of all device-specific drivers for the different camera models (MOBOTIX IoT, MOVE and other manufacturers)


The most important installation steps

The most important installation steps

The following is an overview of the basic procedure and the most important installation steps:

This completes the configuration and allows the system to be set up and configured. A detailed description of the above steps can be found on the MOBOTIX website under Support > Download Center > Marketing and Documentation > User Manuals > Video Management Systems > MOBOTIX HUB > Management Client. It is strongly recommended to pay close attention to the documentation Before you start installation and Install a new MOBOTIX HUB system contained therein before starting the installation of a new MOBOTIX HUB system! 


Version 2020 R3 of MOBOTIX HUB

Published on: 2021-05-26

To install the MOBOTIX HUB, please refer to the Sections System Requirements and Important notes on installing on Windows systems Important Notes for Installation on Windows Systems

Specific features for MOBOTIX IoT cameras

Note: For additional information about the features described in the following, please see the application's online help.

Dynamic events

After the integration of MOBOTIX cameras of the series MOBOTIX 7, Mx6 and P3 via a device-specific MOBOTIX driver (selection from Mobotix M/D/V/S series, Mobotix Q*, Mobotix T*), events of these cameras from the following event groups can also be defined in the HUB Management Client for these cameras as ("dynamic") events:

The events defined in the MOBOTIX HUB can then be used in Rules and Alarms, for example to start recording through the HUB Recording Server.

In the MOBOTIX HUB variants L4 and L5, the HUB Desk Client Search dialog allows to search for recordings of such events by entering MOBOTIX IoT Events as a search filter. 

Note: This special search function of the Desk Client requires a MOBOTIX HUB variant L4 or L5..

In order for the events of a MOBOTIX IoT camera to be used as "dynamic events"
in the MOBOTIX HUB, the following preparations are necessary on the IoT camera before  inserting it into MOBOTIX HUB:

Analytics Events from MOBOTIX 7 Cameras

After integrating a camera from the MOBOTIX 7 model series via a device-specific MOBOTIX driver (selection Mobotix M/D/V/S series), events of a Vaxtor LPR App activated on the camera for the detection of license plates, can be defined as Analytics Events in the MOBOTIX HUB and can also be used within Rules and Alarms, e.g. to start a recording.

In order for the events of the Vaxtor LPR App to be used in the HUB, the following settings must be made in the Milestone section of the  Vaxtor LPR Settings dialog to configure the App:

After integrating a camera configured in this way, the corresponding Analytics Event can then be activated in the HUB Management Client as follows:

Then, this Analytics Event can be used just like any other event within Rules and Alarms.

After installing an extension of the HUB Desk Client using the installation file 'MOBOTIX_HUB_Plug-Ins_2020_R3_Installer.exe', the Search dialog of the Desk Client then displays an additional search area VaxALPR,  which allows the search for a specific licence plate recognized by the app. By displaying this search area multiple times, it is also possible to search for several licence plates at the same time.

Note: This special search function of the Desk Client requires a MOBOTIX HUB variant L4 or L5..

Known Limitations

The following limitations currently apply to version 2020 R3.

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