Release Notes for MOBOTIX MOVE Camera Model Mx-VB1A-8-IR-VA, Mx-VD1A-8-IR-VA, Mx-VH1A-12-IR-VA Camera Software

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These Release Notes contain a technical description of the most important changes in the software for the MOBOTIX MOVE network cameras.

Overview of the Software Releases

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Software Release mb20220815UX for MOBOTIX MOVE Camera Model Mx-VB1A-8-IR-VA, Mx-VD1A-8-IR-VA, Mx-VH1A-12-IR-VA

Creation Date: 2022-08-15

Publishing Date: 2022-08-31

Enhancements and Improvements

·       Added absolute bitrate setting

·       Added Night Mode Priority-High Light Details under TV system Linear Mode

·       Adjusted Window Settings default range.

·       Support email server send/receive

·       Added upload certificate API and the option if the user want to cover original certificate (Function requires NVR / CMS FW 202208xx or later)

·       Added upload config file API keepNetworkSetting feature (Function requires NVR / CMS FW 202208xx or later)

·       Focus Window: Auto Focus ROI (Region of Interest) – new feature added

·       New Password Policy

- Password must contain minimum 10-characters, and maximum 32-characters.

- The password must contain at least three character categories among the following:

-Uppercase letters (A through Z)

-Lowercase letters (a through z)

-Base 10 digits (0 through 9)

-Special characters: (~@#$%^&*_-+=:;<>)

·       Disable Bonjour as default.

·       Removed firmware upgrade file name without requiring to be name as 'uImage_userland'

·       Non-IE browser: Improve h.264 latency


·       Safari pop-up “Security-Error” Issue fixed

·       Set Default Audio Codec to AAC, to allow Speaker button on none-IE browser can function correctly



Software Release mb20220408UX for MOBOTIX MOVE Camera Model Mx-VB1A-8-IR-VA, Mx-VD1A-8-IR-VA, Mx-VH1A-12-IR-VA

Creation Date: 2022-04-08

Publishing Date: 2022-05-17

Enhancements and Improvements

§  Show correct model name when using IP Scanner

§  Enable MxMessage to be used as trigger action in all Events

§  Added GPL License text in Camera Information Page

§  Support ePTZ on non-IE browser for MX-VH1A-12-IR-VA

§  Remove Tampering feature since the camera sabotage does exist.

§  Adjust Button Position in IRIS Size Setting

§  Upgrade jquery version to v3.6


·        Fixed MJPEG display on none-IE browser under unstable network.

·        Video Analytics Page, "Selected Behaviors" Bar Error

·        Update ActiveX Viewer To fix random character showing at LPR bonding box.

·        Fix the name of the zoom button (tele)






Software Release mb20220301UX for MOBOTIX MOVE Camera Model Mx-VB1A-8-IR-VA, Mx-VD1A-8-IR-VA, Mx-VH1A-12-IR-VA

Creation Date: 2022-03-01

Publishing Date: 2022-03-10

Enhancements and Improvements

§  WebUI enhancement; Edited font, text size, bolded style, WebGUI Sub Tab make it to white.

§  Full features support on all browser without ActiveX 

§  Increase faster max shutter speed for 4K cameras.

§  Show ""Save succeeded"" after the user pressed save button.

§  Added ""Sync With NTP Server"" show Success / Fail feedback.

§  Browser tab name sync “camera host name"

§  Periodical Events implement trigger action: HTTP Notification

§  Recording File size now adjustable

§  OpenVPN Upgrade from v2.3 to v2.5

§  Periodic Event Smaller Interval: Change to 10 seconds.

§  Applied German translation Edited DE translation to FTP page.

§  Added US Date Format MM/DD/YYYY

§  Unlocked Config file to be able to upload with different file names

§  Edited Network Page to show ""MJPEG over HTTP port"""

§  Multicast Block Reserve IP

§  Add Swedish character and special character in text overlay: Include ÅÄÖ and special characters ""!”§$%&/()=?"" in text overlay

§  [Default] Stream 2 default resolution set to PAL 720x480  NTSC 720x576: To allow NVR VMS sub-stream work correctly.

§  [Password] Enable special character -_*!.

§  Edited switch language Message System error and Event select Message System.

§  MxMessage System:
Empty string and illegal json -> Send null (website do not filter illegal json input.)
MxMessage default setting change:
- Resend 3
- Poll Frequency 4
- Max Time Offset: 10
Fixed Alarm event cannot be triggered by MxMessage System relate issues.
Edited translation of MxMessage for DE/ES/FR/IT/PT
MX Message;
 Added Message System default prefix (Send and Receive require default prefix) Prefix is """

§  AE conversion speeds improve

§  Include Night mode priority under WDR Mode. Include Window Setting under Linear mode.

§  Secure By default features:
Close TCP ports: 6666. 8008.
Disable streaming before the user change initial password. Disable API / ONVIF command before you change password (Only change password related command can be used before you change password
default https enable (TLS1.2) (Disable TLS 1.0, TLS1.1 ; self-signed certificates provided)
http authentication default set to digest
RTSP authentication default set to digest



·        Fixed FTP Test issue.


Software Release mb20210730UX for MOBOTIX MOVE Camera Model Mx-VH1A-12-IR-VA

Creation Date: 2020-07-30

Publishing Date: 2021-09-15


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