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MOBOTIX MOVE NVR CMS is a centralized Client Software to remotely manage (view/playback) multiple MOBOTIC MOVE NVR’s and connected MOVE / ONVIF conformant cameras. This document contains notes for functional enhancements, bugfixes and limitations of MOVE NVR CMS client software.

Software ReleasesOverview

Release Version

Creation Date

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CMS 2021.Q4.1210.3007a9d90



System Requirements

The following lists the recommended computer system for installing CMS software:




Minimum: Intel CPU Core i3-4150 3.5 GHz

Recommended: Intel CPU Core i7-4770S 3.9 GHz

RAM Memory

Minimum: 2x4 GB

Recommended: 2x8 GB


Minimum: Intel HD Graphics 4400

Recommended: Intel HD Graphics 530 or above

(Support 4K Video Output)


Minimum: 1 TB or above

Recommended: 2 TB or above

Operating Systems

Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 (x64) (min.)

Microsoft® Windows® 10 (x64) (Recommended)


Gigabit LAN

IP Camera Input

Max recommended: 128 CH live view with 32 CH recording

Supported MOBOTIX MOVE NVR Models

The full functionality of the MOBOTIX MOVE CMS is available for the following MOVE NVR models:

Important Information

Required min FW version:
To support camera bulk upgrade from CMS please make sure the NVR / Camera FW version is equal or later than below version:


Release mb20220818CMS

Created on: 2022-08-18

Published on: 2022-08-31

Enhancements and Improvements

·       Camera Certification upgrade from CMS
Note1: To support camera bulk upgrade from CMS, ensure the NVR FW version is equal or later mb20220822NVR816 / mb20220822NVR64
Note2: Usually certification needs to apply for each device, for each domain. Therefore one certificate file could only be applied on one device. –
- CMS still provide the option for users to select which camera to apply (even a batch) - CMS only support Upload public key and certificate issued by the authority.

·       Config upgrade from CMS
Note1: To support camera bulk upgrade from CMS, ensure the NVR FW version is equal or later mb20220822NVR816 / mb20220822NVR64
Note2: user can decide whether to apply network setting or not

·       "Select channels UI" under remote NVR playback by time select-feature added

·       Support MOVE hemispheric camera back-end de-warping in CMS
Note: CMS only support backend de-warping for cameras integrated directly with the CMS. For cameras integrated via NVR, select of back-end dewarp in CMS, user will still see original camera picture.

·       Changing FW naming rule to mb + date code + CMS
- CMS example: mb20220822CMS


·       Fix e-map



Release 2022.Q2.0509.1454226b2

Created on: 2022-05-09

Published on: 2022-05-23

Enhancements and Improvements

·       User could select the decoding type (HW/SW)when first login.

o   After the installation is done, we will pop up below window for user to select the decode mode. (Hardware decoding only available on INTEL GPU)

o   If after user select “hardware decoding”, it’s detected the GUI is not Intel, System will change to software decoding. Otherwise, it will fail to open CMS.

o   After the decoding type is selected and launch the APP, another pop up wind ow for user to configure language and password opens.

·       Could do bulk FW upgrade for cameras under NVR from CMS.

o   Click on the arrow icon to see the pop up windows.

o   Camera under NVR are now become available for user to choose from.

·       Under Add Device> Device filter, now combine "MOBOTIX MOVE”.

o   H.265&MOBOTIX MOVE -H.264 as "MOBOTIX MOVE".

·       SW includes digital signature to show publisher "Mobotix AG".

·       User doesn’t need to log out first before log in as Admin under guest mode.


·       Fix e-map black screen issue.

·       Snapshot for dewarping picture now supported.

·       Audio Intercom / Talk might not work occasionally fixed.

·       The Default Account for NVR and login must be written with capital letter “Admin”.


Release CMS 2021.Q4.1208.5b67a0a4a

Created on: 2021-12-23

Published on: 2022-01-07

Enhancements and Improvements

For more information about the new features described below, see the latest MOVE NVR CMS User Guide.

·       Not applicable, initial MOBOTIX MOVE NVR CMS Release Version


·       Not applicable, initial MOBOTIX MOVE NVR CMS Release Version

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