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These Release Notes contain a technical description of the most important changes in the software for the MOBOTIX MOVE NVR 64 channel device.

Overview of Software Releases

Release Version

Creation Date

Publishing Date






















Software Release mb20231013NVR64 for MOBOTIX MOVE Mx-S-NVR1A-64-POE24

Creation Date: 2023-10-13

Publishing Date: 2023-10-23

New Features




Minimum camera FW version to support config upgrade: mb20220712UX







Software Release mb20230301NVR64 for MOBOTIX MOVE Mx-S-NVR1A-64-POE24

Creation Date: 2023-03-01

Publishing Date: 2023-03-23

New Features







Software Release mb20221101NVR64 for MOBOTIX MOVE Mx-S-NVR1A-64-POE24

Creation Date: 2022-11-01

Publishing Date: 2022-11-04

New Features

·       MXVMS_143: Fix Onvif Camera Decode Problem (Pelco Camera)

Pelco camera that we test - public IP

The user: admin and the pass: dsg554321 -The camera is one Sarix pro 3 ref. IBP231-1ER

·       Add event push message service (NVR/Remote)

VA event is now supported now, and there’s a switch to decide if you want to send the event or not

·       MXVMS_126: Add white/black list service for Face Recognition & LPR

DC camera can support white/black list in FR & LPR

·       Add bypass camera Face Recognition & LPR Service

Bypass mode can support DC camera now

·       Modify the event log search service

In log pages, you can choose the filter to search the event

·       MXVMS_138: Support Onvif PTZ Service

The FW with PTZ function can pass OTT support.

·       Support Face Recognition/LPRDatabase Edit service (NVR/Remote)

User now can do the edit to the database for Face Recognition and LPR

·       Disable google drive service (Google policy)

·       MXVMS_100: Videotec keyboard integration

o   Please connect Keyboard with NVR, then reboot to detect new device.

o   Once the keyboard is detected, you will see keyboard model name Videotec DCZ 1 shown on the Joysticks page. The whole page will become grayed out

·       MXVMS_104: Support Video analytics setting from remote

·       MXVMS_107: Support edge recording from remote

·       MXVMS_126: Setup> System> Event management, for video analytics, support In list/ white list/ black list/ Not in list

o   The definition of bypass/ Normal could refer to our proposal about vaxtor in

o   From thisversion, video analytics action will depend on the list. Whenever there is subject enter zones, action will be triggered depending on the action defined by list. Let’s say Vera is in the blacklist. As long as Vera enters any of the zones, then she will trigger action linked to the blacklist. Same list setting is applied for all of the cameras.

·       MXVMS_132: Vaxtor integration

o   No need to configure camera setting from NVR side

-          On Liveview page, no additional options for configuring LPR setting

o   NVR could receive Vaxtor events

-          There will be notification in the message center

o   NVR could configure corresponding actions for Vaxtor events

-          User could configure the corresponding event when LPR event is triggered

-          Specially note that now the user could decide the action based on the list:

ü  Normal: It means NVR will judge whether there is event or not by cross checkingthe detected license plate with the list inside NVR

ü  Bypass: It means camera will judge whether there is event or not by cross checking the detected license plate with the list inside camera

-          Specially note that there are 4 types of list:

ü  White list

ü  Black list

ü  In list: whatever inside the database

ü  Not In list: whatever not inside the database

-          To receive Vaxtor event, user need to configure the listen port in NVR. There is a new tap under Setup> Network> Event receiver. User could decide whether they want to enable https / authorization feature

-          Camera will need to include new message template to send correct info to NVR. DC will provide info for camera FW revision

o   Users could receive below info from camera

-          Information will be displayed under Log> VA detected event> Info

-          Now all the info will be put into one column.

o   User could export information by using below filter condition:

-          Duration

-          Number plate

-          CH number

o   The exported file format is CSV

·       MXVMS_141: FW version on the OTT test report will be in the same format as Mobotix style mb+date code+NVR model. EX: mb20221019NVR816








Software Release mb20220822NVR64 for MOBOTIX MOVE Mx-S-NVR1A-64-POE24

Creation Date: 2022-08-22

Publishing Date: 2022-08-31

New Features




Software Release mb20220511NVR64 for MOBOTIX MOVE Mx-S-NVR1A-64-POE24

Creation Date: 2022-05-11

Publishing Date: 2022-05-20

New Features



·       -


·       Support FW upgrade naming rule:[ “mb” + release date +” NVR “+ number of channels .zip ] for 64CH NVR.

·       After FW upgrade, the FW version won't be upgraded after refresh. Need to reboot NVR to refresh FW version.

·       Couldn’t set RTSL URL under MAC + Chrome.

·       Remove "Stream Motion Setting" under LBR.

o   Note: "Stream Motion Setting” is no longer existing, but UI hasn’t removed it.

·       Could do back-end dewarp on playback for fisheye camera .

·       See two login window under MAC + Firefox.




Software Release mb20220127NVR64 for MOBOTIX MOVE Mx-S-NVR1A-64-POE24

Creation Date: 2022-01-27

Publishing Date: 2022-02-25

New Features

·       Central IP camera Password change for a batch of cameras via local NVR

·       Support adding IP camera device by Pull live stream from IP-Camera RTSP URL

·       Backend NVR De-warping for MOVE Hemispheric Camera in Playback mode
Note: Feature limited to 64Ch NVR only (not available on 8/16 Ch NVR)

·       Change password length to be 8-16.
The supported characters are
A-Z, a-z, 0-9, !#$%&'-.@^_~


·       UI improvement - when parameter is saved, there will be "Save succeeded" text shown on the bottom to indicate changed parameters saved.

·       UI improvement - under "Add device", user has to unlock the camera lock symbol first to do any parameter change. After the parameters are changed and camera locked, there will be pop up window "Save succeeded"

·       UI Improvement - under guest mode, users don't need to logout first to login as admin

·       In “About-Window” additional SW Info available: Display of FW version, release date, 3rd Party SW-licenses (GPL, GNU…)


·       UI adjustment - Under live view, adjust character length to avoid text being blocked when using German

·       UI adjustment – Setup > Display > Video display mode shall show English
Setup > PoE / Ip-Port Management >Advanced “Save” corrected to English


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