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Publisher: MOBOTIX AG
Author: Jörg Steuerwald
Date: 2024-02-23
Document: MxHUB-Driver_2024-02-23_release-notes_en_v1.html
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The MOBOTIX HUB driver optimally integrates the MOBOTIX cameras into the MOBOTIX HUB. This driver is based on the ONVIF standard and has been extended by specific adaptations that are not included in the ONVIF standard. This enables optimal integration of the MOBOTIX cameras into the MOBOTIX HIUB VMS for better utilisation of the MOBOTIX DNA.

Main features of the MOBOTIX HUB Driver for MOBOTIX cameras:

The following document contains information on the system requirements, installation, use and special functions of the individual MOBOTIX Driver versions

Overview of HUB Driver Releases

Release Version

Release Date

HUB Driver 2024-02-23 2024-02-23

Important Installation Notes

After installing the driver, two new driver types are offered in the MOBOTIX HUB under the "MOBOTIX" driver branch:

  1. MOBOTIX IOT Cameras
  2. MOBOTIX MOVE Cameras
The existing / previous drivers for MOBOTIX can still be selected, the new ones complement the driver variety. 

Note: For older models such as P2 and P3 MOBOTIX IOT cameras, the existing MOBOTIX M/D/V/S driver must be used.

MOBOTIX IOT cameras Installation instructions

MOBOTIX MOVE cameras Installation instructions

Known Limitations:

C:\Program Files\MOBOTIX\HUB\MIPDrivers\MOBOTIX\    (not correct!)
Must be changed to:
C:\Program Files\MOBOTIX\MIPDrivers\MOBOTIX\          (correct!)

Best Practice:

When adding new cameras, please note that the automatic search (Express) cannot clearly define the driver with which the camera is to be integrated.

It is therefore advisable and also much faster to specify a manual search with the IP range, whereby the new driver can be preselected.

This process must be carried out once for the MOBOTIX IOT cameras and once for the MOBOTIX MOVE cameras!


MOBOTIX HUB Driver 2024-02-23

Veröffentlicht am: 2024-02-23

<Plug-Ins-Version> = '2024-02-23'.

New Functions:

Improvements / bug fixing:

Known Limitations:

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