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Industry and Critical Infrastructures


Facility Protection and Operational Safety

Important infrastructure has to be constantly protected and monitored to guarantee ­reliable and permanent operations not only in emergency ­situations. With intelligent prevention measures, it is possible to avoid significant costs caused by damages, repair and power cuts.

In Germany alone, companies report fire every five minutes. The economic losses resulting from fire total several billion euros per year. Similarly dramatic are the current available figures describing offenses and burglaries that have partially increased of more than 50 % over the last 5 years.

Installations, machinery, equipment and material available on company premises require effective and cost-efficient protection. In addition, operational safety, optimization of work flows and protection against theft, vandalism and espionage are becoming increasingly important.

Intelligent IP Video Solutions

Intelligent and Reliable Prevention

Looking at the live image of a MOBOTIX thermal camera for example at an alarm center, makes it easy to discuss and plan the next steps of intervention. This will help to defuse critical situations and prevent significant damages before they arise. On top, installations can remotely be tested and maintained cost-effectively. Due to an absolute low power consumption between 4 - 6 watts, and the virtually maintenance-free design without any mechanical moving parts or additional equipment, the MOBOTIX outdoor cameras are the first choice achieving an unrivaled level of product quality in outdoor deployments. Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of more than 9 years underlines perfectly the high quality and reliability of MOBOTIX cameras - Made in Germany.

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Industry and Critical Infrastructure
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