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For distributors, dealers and partners, MOBOTIX offers training courses on different levels at the headquarters in Langmeil and local trainings in various countries.

Seminars at MOBOTIX


In case a seminar has already been fully booked, but you would like to be put on the waiting list, please do not hesitate to contact us. The contact person will be glad to assist you.


67722 Winnweiler-Langmeil


International Seminars

Sales, Planning & Installation Workshop

Economically and technically reasonable planning of MOBOTIX camera system projects.

1-day seminar

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of network technology

HQ, Langmeil / Germany 02 Nov 2015
Langmeil 01 Feb 2016
30 May 2016
05 Sep 2016
14 Nov 2016


Starter Seminar

Principles of setup and operation of MOBOTIX video solutions

This training is a 1-day intensisve course on quick installation of MOBOTIX cameras using the intuitively designed MxManagementCenter software. This seminar communicates the fundamental principles needed to set up private and commercial projects in a time- and cost-saving manner with basic knowledge of networks. From simple applications with few cameras to complete company surveillance projects – with plenty of practical examples (home and company surveillance).

Prerequisite: At least one member of the company has attended the SPI workshop or attends the workshop in combination with the starter seminar.

New Dehli / India 28 Oct 2015 The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa
HQ, Langmeil / Germany 03 Nov 2015
Langmeil 02 Feb 2016
31 May 2016
06 Sep 2016
15 Nov 2016


Basic Seminar

Introduction into the functionality and operation of the leading complete high-resolution systems

The MOBOTIX Basic Seminar is a two-day intensive course on using the decentralized MOBOTIX system in a professional application. The focus is on installation and application of a high-resolution security system using the video management software MxControlCenter.

Prerequisite: Personal attendance and successful completion of the starter seminar. Alternatively, the basic seminar can be booked together with the starter seminar and attended consecutively.

New Dehli / India 29-30 Oct 2015 The Metropolitan Hotel and Spa
HQ, Langmeil / Germany 04-05 Nov 2015
Langmeil 03-04 Feb 2016
01-02 Jun 2016
07-08 Sep 2016
16-17 Nov 2016


Premium Package

Book all three and save 25 percent!

MOBOTIX offers the possibility to book all three seminars over four consecutive days.
Please refer to the separate registration form for a list of available dates and seminar costs.

HQ, Langmeil / Germany 02-05 Nov 2015
Langmeil 01-04 Feb 2016
30 May - 02 Jun 2016
05-08 Sep 2016
14-17 Nov 2016


Training T25 Advanced

Training T25 Advanced

Revolutionary Video Door Communication With Unbeatable Added Value

One-day intensive seminar for success-oriented electronics experts and systems engineers.

Prerequisite: You should have good knowledge of programming the MOBOTIX camera system and should have watched the T25 video tutorial on our website (Support > Video Tutorials > IP Video Door Station). We recommend to attend this seminar only approximately three months after having completed the other ones and when you have gathered practical experience.

HQ, Langmeil / Germany 06 Nov 2015
Langmeil 05 Feb 2016
03 Jun 2016
09 Sep 2016
18 Nov 2016