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Integriti System Management Suite by Inner Range

The Inner Range and MOBOTIX video management software (VMS) integration allows customers to integrate Inner Range access control and security equipment with MOBOTIX over a fully featured interface.

The Inner Range System Management Software is a fully integrated intruder detection, access control and building automation platform. Its modular design allows it to be flexible and scalable. Furthermore, this integrated security management system can also be integrated with closed-circuit television (CCTV), Building Management System (BMS), Intercom and lifts among many others.

The Inner Range/MOBOTIX interface facilitates the daily managerial tasks of security personnel. Its interface provides operators with the means to video-verify any access control, security or other alarm events instantly. The overall level of security is increased as a result of this real-time integration. This is due to the fact that event alarms within both systems can be activated immediately and automatically.

Through this bi-directional high-level interface it is possible to choose either MOBOTIX viewing clients or Inner Range as the front-end graphical interface for daily operational tasks.

Key Features & Benefits

View live and recorded video feeds directly in the Inner Range workspace, including placing cameras on graphical floor plans for one-click viewing
Control Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras directly in the Inner Range workspace
Associate cameras with Inner Range security and access control events in order to automatically view streaming video triggered by alarm or user events
Enable users to easily view recorded video associated with alarm/user events through automatic time/date synchronization without a need to manually find recorded video
Automatically or manually send custom events/alarms to MOBOTIX on access control and security events to invoke predefined automation tasks within MOBOTIX, such as change recording frame rate, move PTZ cameras to pre-sets
Receive events/alarms from MOBOTIX to invoke predefined automation tasks within the Inner Range system, such as unlock doors, turn lights on/off, activate sirens/strobes
Audio control – listen and speak through audio-enabled cameras within the Inner Range system
Set a ‘pre-event buffer’ to play back footage x seconds before the event actually occurred, for example, view an intruder walking up to a building before they actually set off the alarm

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