18 ottobre 2022

Certified MOBOTIX thermal cameras as game changers in numerous industries

Even more powerful fire alarm systems and opening up new areas of application

In addition to being approved by VdS and EN 54-10, MOBOTIX thermal cameras have now also been CNPP certified. No other camera manufacturer currently has a similarly wide range of products for early fire detection. The certificates are accepted in most European countries and are regarded as a seal of quality worldwide. They underline our reputation as a manufacturer of premium products "Made in Germany" once again.


As a stand-alone solution or as an integral part of comprehensive fire alarm systems, MOBOTIX systems detect sources of danger and fires even before they occur or can be detected by conventional detectors. The time saved reduces the dangers for people and companies. Countermeasures can be initiated in time - completely automatically.


MOBOTIX cameras operate reliably and without contact from a distance of up to 60 meters, even on outdoor sites, in halls, in the case of unclear material accumulations and machine parks. Up to 20 individual measuring windows can be watched simultaneously in the field of view of just one camera.


In addition to early fire detection, thermal cameras from MOBOTIX can also be used for quality assurance in production for perimeter protection and intrusion detection. They also work in absolute darkness and help to sustainably reduce a company's overall energy requirements without compromising security. In the current situation, MOBOTIX thus supports companies of almost all sectors and sizes in saving energy and increasing security.