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 Quick Install: MX-Overvoltage Protection-Box
  • Surge protection for MOBOTIX IP Cameras
  • Protects against surges of up to 4 kV on the PoE network cabling
  • For patch cable to patch cable or patch cable to installation cable (MX-Overvoltage-Protection-Box-LSA)
  • Complete set including mounting supplies
  • Weatherproof network connector (IP65) with surge protection of up to 4 kV for MOBOTIX IP cameras; ideal for replacing MX-Patch-Box

Surges are voltages that exceed the allowed voltage range for MOBOTIX IP cameras. The max. voltage for PoE, for example, is 57 V. Surges do not necessarily result in irreparable damages to MOBOTIX IP cameras. Only if the voltage is exceeded by a multiple of the allowed value, or if the surge is present for a longer period of time or even permanently, damages are unavoidable.

Examples for Causes of Surges

  • Direct lightning strike into the installation itself or the network cable
  • Lightning strike into the power supply or the ground in the vicinity (within a radius of 100 km/62 mi)
  • Switching of high loads, especially if network and power lines run side-by-side


  • The cable between the MX-Overvoltage-Protection-Box and the MOBOTIX camera must not be longer than 50 cm/19.7 in.
  • An MX-Overvoltage-Protection-Box protects against surges of up to 4 kV on a network patch or installation cable, but not against direct lightning strikes. 

Surge Protection

In order to reduce the danger of damages resulting from surges, a specialist should establish a surge protection concept and implement such a system. Such a system consists of several surge protection zones, where each zone contains specific and generally applicable countermeasures. These range from lightning capture devices and double-shielded network cables to fine-level surge protection for end devices. When selecting the countermeasures, not only technical, but also economical aspects need to be considered in order to find the proper balance between protection and costs.

The MX-Overvoltage-Protection-Box-RJ45 and MX-Overvoltage-Protection-Box-LSA can be used in most of the protection zones and provide a cost-efficient protection against surges. It is generally recommended to install an MX-Overvoltage-Protection-Box if MOBOTIX cameras are installed outside of buildings. These devices protect MOBOTIX cameras against short surges of up to 4 kV.

Overvoltage-Protection-Box scheme Patch cable/Patch cable

Overvoltage-Protection-Box scheme patch cable/installation cable

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Patch cable <> patch cable (RJ45)



Patch cable <> Network installation cable (LSA)