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Versatile installation box for outdoor applications (IP66)

Weatherproof installation box with integrated 4-kV surge protection (Type 2 P4) for connecting two IP cameras/PoE devices using one Ethernet cable

  • Interfaces (weatherproof): 1x LSA (with shield clip) for Ethernet 100Base-T, 2x MxRJ45 for Ethernet 100Base-T with PoE Mode A; 1x protective earth terminal
  • IP66 and IK08
  • Ambient temperature: -30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°F)

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Pole Mount for M15, M25
Ethernet Patch Cable

DIN Rail Module For The Electrical Cabinet

Compatible with MxSplitProtect Installation Box (Mx-A-SPA): Hat rail module (for 35 mm DIN rails) with integrated 4-kV surge protection (Type 2 P4) for connecting two IP cameras/PoE devices using one Ethernet cable.

  • Interfaces: 3x RJ45 for Ethernet 100Base-T, 1x protective earth terminal
  • Only use in indoor areas
  • Ambient temperature: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)

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MxSplitProtect Covers With Camera Mount (Installation Accessories, Three Versions)

  • Cover/mounting option with camera mount
  • Accessories for the MxSplitProtect Installation Box
  • Also possible to install the standard VarioFlex wall mount of an AllroundDual or Allround camera directly to the cover

Numeri di articolo:
Mx-A-SPCA-M (for mounting an AllroundDual or Allround camera)
Mx-A-SPCA-V (for tilted mounting of a Hemispheric or Dome camera)
Mx-A-SPCA-H (for horizontal mounting of a Hemispheric or Dome camera)

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MxIRLight Mounting Brackets
Pole Mount for M15, M25

PoE-Powered Infrared Illuminator (860 nm)

Weatherproof infrared illuminator with aluminum housing (IP67) with photosensor for automatic switching on/off (threshold value: 3 lux, delay for switching off: 150 s).

  • 6 versions, illumination angles from 15° to 120° (horizontal and vertical illumination angle is identical)
  • Very simple installation
  • PoE+ power supply via network cable (IEEE 802.3at), power consumption: max. 19 W
  • Including standard mount for installing on wall and ceiling, 0.9 m patch cable with RJ45 plug

Numeri di articolo:
Mx-A-IRA-120 (illumination angle 120°, range up to 20 m)
Mx-A-IRA-90 (illumination angle 90°, range up to 35 m)
Mx-A-IRA-60 (illumination angle 60°, range up to 50 m)
Mx-A-IRA-45 (illumination angle 45°, range up to 80 m)
Mx-A-IRA-30 (illumination angle 30°, range up to 120 m)
Mx-A-IRA-15 (illumination angle 15°, range up to 160 m)

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Prodotti correlati: MxIRLight Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets for the MxIRLight Infrared Illuminator and

  • MOBOTIX AllroundDual cameras
  • MOBOTIX Allround cameras

Numeri di articolo:
Mx-M-IRA-ML (for AllroundDual cameras)
Mx-M-IRA-M (for Allround cameras)

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IP video interface for live image display of cameras and door stations on a monitor/TV

MOBOTIX offers a particularly simple and compact solution for displaying the live image of a MOBOTIX camera (from model series x24, x14 and later) on a monitor or TV with HDMI connection. To do so, the MxThinClient is simply connected via a network cable to a free PoE port of the switch where the displaying camera is connected as well.


  • Live display of one or several MOBOTIX cameras or images of a connected web server on a monitor/TV, either permanently or in a controlled looping sequence
  • Display of the camera with the most recent event, for example a motion detection
  • License- and maintenance-free with a power consumption of only 2 Watts
  • “Boot-Stable“ with reliable autostart after power failure. Display of the missing camera connection on screen.

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 Quick Install: MxSwitch Configuratore
  • Easy to install on TS35 DIN rails, width: 6HP (108 mm)
  • Four PoE+ powered network ports RJ45 (max. 25,5 W per port, max. 75 W total load on all four PoE+ ports combined)
  • One RJ45 network port for connecting to switch, router or computer (uplink)
  • Built-in 12 V DC/1 A power supply for door opener (e.g., switched on/off by BellRFID or KeypadRFID)
  • Unused wire pairs 4/5 and 7/8 on network installation cable for PoE ports A/D available directly on screw terminals (MxSplit)
  • Pushbutton inside applies 12 V DC for 90 seconds to terminals 17/18 (for purposes of temporarily overriding anti-theft lock in frame of Door Stations and MxDisplay+ units)
  • Future expansion option for DIN rail modules already integrated (backbone)

Required Accessory (not included): External power supply device 48 V DC (output current min. 2 A)

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  • Four sensors in a single device: PIR, temperature, noise, illumination
  • Low power consumption of typically only 0.1 W
  • Enhanced security by covering areas where no camera is installed
  • Available as cost-efficient indoor or putdoor variants
  • Use of the many mounting accessories for sensor modules for simple ceiling or wall mounting

Numeri di articolo:
MX-MULTISENSE1 (Indoor variant)
MX-MULTISENSE1-EXT (Outdoor variant)

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  • Extension for MOBOTIX cameras
  • Microphone/speaker
  • PIR sensor for motion detection, temperature sensor
  • Integrated switch functions
  • not for Basic models

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  • Extension module for the indoor cameras x25 (to be mounted on the backside)
  • Not compatible with x26 indoor cameras
  • For the connection of external sensors (e.g., door or window • contacts) and switching of external devices (e.g., relays with lamps and motors)
  • Two input lines (galvanically isolated, 0 to 48 V AC/DC)
  • Two output lines: 2x isolated (contact load max.30 W or 1 A or 48 V AC/DC) or 2x 12 V DC (max. 50 mA per output line)
  • MxBus terminal (1x2)
  • Ambient temperature: 0 to 4°C (32 to 104°F)
  • Power consumption: 1 W

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  • Practical, optional extension board only for Indoor Cameras p25, i25, v25 and c25
  • Expands every camera to include two extra inputs and two 12V outputs
  • Enables access to the two-wire MxBus
  • Outputs can be directly connected to a relay and thus higher voltages and loads

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The Ethernet terminal board is used for the secure connection of the camera module via an RJ45 plug with the 8 wires of the network cable.

(Only for door stations without Mx2wire)

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 Brossura di Videocitofono IP Hemispheric T25 T25 Quick Guide T25 Drilling Templates T25 Quick Installation T24MX Parte 1 T24MX Part 2 Configuratore

The extended terminal board provides an additional 8 inputs and 3 outputs to connect external devices.

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