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  • Practical, optional extension board for Indoor Cameras p25, i25, v25 and c25
  • Expands every camera to include two extra inputs and two 12V outputs
  • Enables access to the two-wire MxBus
  • Outputs can be directly connected to a relay and thus higher voltages and loads

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The Ethernet terminal board is used for the secure connection of the camera module via an RJ45 plug with the 8 wires of the network cable.

(Only for door stations without Mx2wire)

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The extended terminal board provides an additional 8 inputs and 3 outputs to connect external devices.

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  • Four sensors in a single device: PIR, temperature, noise, illumination
  • Low power consumption of typically only 0.1 W
  • Enhanced security by covering areas where no camera is installed
  • Available as cost-efficient indoor or putdoor variants
  • Use of the many mounting accessories for sensor modules for simple ceiling or wall mounting

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MX-MULTISENSE1 (Indoor variant)
MX-MULTISENSE1-EXT (Outdoor variant)

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  • Extension for MOBOTIX cameras
  • Microphone/speaker
  • PIR sensor for motion detection, temperature sensor
  • Integrated switch functions
  • not for Basic models

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