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2017.05.10 - MOBOTIX at IFSEC 2017 in London

Europe's only large scale security event in 2017

Taking place in London, 20 – 22 June 2017, IFSEC International gives you exclusive hands-on access to over 10,000 security solutions, live product demonstrations, and networking with over 27,000 security professionals.

MOBOTIX looks forward to welcoming you at booth D900.

2017.05.09 - Single Lens Outdoor Cameras with Higher Performance - Mx6 camera line extended

New Application and Integration Possibilities

MOBOTIX is expanding the new 6MP camera system Mx6 with additional models. The single lens outdoor cameras "Made in Germany" now also provide more possibilities thanks to a powerful dual core processor:

  • Brillant images simultaneously in MxPEG, MJPEG and, for the first time, in H.264.
  • More frames per second at the same resolution.
  • More flexibility due to RTSP/Multicast.
  • More capacity for software applications in the camera.

2017.05.04 - MxManagementCenter 1.4 with optimized features

More Security and Improved User Experience thanks to the new Video Management MxMC 1.4

MxManagementCenter 1.4 with optimized features

MxManagementCenter is an intuitive and user friendly VMS for any kind of project scale. In combination with our intelligent and highly secured network cameras Made in Germany, we are able to provide complete video solutions.

2017.03.27 - Mx6 Dual Cameras Open Up New Opportunities

Intelligent, Powerful And Flexible: The Mx6 Camera Line Is The Most Powerful 6MP MOBOTIX Camera System And The First To Support The H.264/ONVIF* Industry Standard.

Langmeil, Germany, 27 March 2017. MOBOTIX is starting series production of their new Mx6 6MP camera line with the outdoor dual cameras M16, D16, S16 and V16. In terms of their outer appearance, these models look exactly the same as the x15 cameras (which are still available); all the innovations in these new cameras have been made to the mainboard and camera software.

Higher-performing And More Intelligent

Mx6 cameras use a new, more powerful CPU that delivers up to twice as many images per second – at the same resolution. For example, they deliver up to 34 frames per second in full HD. This allows for even better capture of quick movements. The new camera line is not only faster, but also has more capacity for software applications such as 3D motion analysis and license plate capture in the camera. Regular software updates ensure that the performance of the intelligent camera system continually improves. This makes the Mx6 camera system a smart investment.

Sharp Images In MxPEG And H.264

Mx6 cameras simultaneously deliver video data in up to three different formats: MxPEG, MJPEG and, for the first time, H.264. This allows MOBOTIX users to choose the right codec for their application; for example, they can use MxPEG to fulfill requirements for high image quality or use H.264 to achieve compatibility with the industry standard. Moreover, Mx6 cameras also offer basic functions in keeping with ONVIF, a global open interface standard. The next firmware update will achieve complete ONVIF compatibility ( The new Mx6 camera system is far more flexible and higher performing, thanks to RTSP/Multicast. Multicast enables simultaneous camera access for any number of users without reducing the frame rate. "The new camera system with H.264/ONVIF opens up new application and integration options for our partners and end customers. The Mx6 system makes much of what makes MOBOTIX unique even better. The new dual core processor architecture has allowed us to achieve the most processing power that a MOBOTIX camera system has ever had, the highest MOBOTIX frame rate, intelligent 3D motion detection and even more capacity for software applications on the camera," explains MOBOTIX CTO Dr. Oliver Gabel.

Step-by-step Introduction Of The New Camera Line

The first step will be to introduce the dual camera models D16, M16, S16 and V16, which offer the greatest scope of functionality and, thanks to their robust design, are particularly well suited for use outdoors. A modular system with various sensor and lens options allows the MOBOTIX dual cameras to be customized.

The standard version of the M16 AllroundDual features two light-sensitive sensor modules to deliver sharp color videos and high-contrast black and white videos, even in poor light conditions. The electronic switching between the day and night systems is automatic (with no moving parts) and reliable at any temperature and in any weather. The M16 Thermal is equipped with a high-performance thermal image sensor that detects moving objects, even in total darkness. A second image sensor module can be added at any time to reliably identify objects, even in poor lighting. The thermal radiometry (TR) function enables temperature events to be initiated automatically to detect fire or heat sources. MOBOTIX thermal cameras also offer the thermal overlay function to identify so-called "hotspots" in a visible image. Thanks to the unique combination of a modular double-sensor and DualFlex technologies, the S16 DualFlex covers two areas and remains virtually invisible. The S16 is used wherever customized solutions and installation methods are required, where standard cameras are pushed to their limits. The D16 is a DualDome camera with two image sensors that are suitable for a wide range of applications, thanks to the large number of viewing options. It is available in a completely modular version as a Standard DualDome, a 180° version with an extra-wide panorama view or as a day/night model. As a next step, MOBOTIX plans to introduce the single lens model.

Intelligent Prevention Is The Future

Decentralized system architecture also entails additional advantages for the new Mx6 dual cameras: Alongside higher image quality, robustness and reliability, intelligent MOBOTIX cameras enable reliable alarm management. The cameras not only deliver sharp images, but also analyze the collected data, recognize hazards, automatically trigger actions to protect against risks and prevent financial loss through theft, vandalism or fire.

* ONVIF-ready; full Profile S support with future software update

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2017.02.01 - Change The MOBOTIX Standard Password!

MOBOTIX would like to remind its customers to change the standard password preset for MOBOTIX products. If customers do not change the password when operating the product for the first time, there is a risk that unauthorized persons might access the camera and change the password themselves. As a result, the camera can become unusable for customers, meaning that they will have to dismantle the camera and reset the password.

Many users of IT devices such as routers, game consoles or cameras make things unnecessarily easy for cybercriminals: They forget to change the standard factory default password preset at the factory, even though this is urgently advised in every operating manual. This makes it easy for third parties to access the devices using the known standard password.

It happens time and again that customers fail to change the standard password the first time they operate their camera, which makes their camera vulnerable to attack. Because of this, we would like to remind MOBOTIX camera customers to change the standard password configured as a factory default as described in our manuals, or using the initial operation configuration assistant. Starting from the time of initial operation, the customer will assume responsibility for the IT security of their video system, and therefore also assume responsibility for MOBOTIX cameras included in this system. 

Once you set a custom password, your video system or MOBOTIX camera is no longer vulnerable to attack!

Instructions on how to change the password after initial operation

If you have forgotten to change the standard password and an unauthorized party has established access to your camera and changed the password, you will have to dissemble the camera and send it to MOBOTIX. The password can only be reset at the MOBOTIX factory. For security reasons, there is no hidden "back door" reset option.

Why Do I Need To Send My Camera To MOBOTIX For It To Be Reset? Why Can’t I Reset It Myself?

The camera must be sent back to MOBOTIX for resetting for security reasons. If the camera is stolen, the owner can report and register it as stolen to MOBOTIX. In order to use the camera, the unauthorized party would have to send it in to reset the password. In this case, MOBOTIX would recognize this camera as stolen thanks to the rightful user’s prior registration, and return it to its rightful owner.

Spare yourself the trouble of going through this entire process by changing the standard password to protect yourself from hacker attacks.

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2017.01.10 - MOBOTIX Develops “MxActivitySensor 2.0” For Intelligent 3D Motion Detection

MOBOTIX Rings in the New Year with Their Innovative New Developments such as the MxActivitySensor 2.0,
 a Proprietary Network Switch that is Perfectly Suited for Installing Small Systems, as well as an Update to the MxMC 1.3 Video Management Software

Langmeil, Germany, 9 January 2017 MOBOTIX is kicking off the new year with a range of new innovations; chiefly, the further development of the MxActivitySensor. This video motion detector, which has been integrated in the camera since 2013, differentiates between events that are relevant and irrelevant to alarms and thereby reduces the number of false alarms. This motion analysis reliably detects moving objects and does not trigger any false alarms in the event of interference such as rain, snowfall or moving trees or poles.

MOBOTIX takes one step further with the MxActivitySensor 2.0: This contains intelligent 3D motion detection that also reduces false alarms triggered in conventional motion detection (for example, in response to the movement of birds or small wild animals). This means that the camera always keeps an eye on the essentials and only triggers an alarm for security-relevant events. A practical example is the monitoring of the flat roof of a warehouse. With MxActivitySensor 2.0 in place, intruders trigger an alarm wherever they might be on the roof, while a bird would not. Persons at the fence do not go undetected, either. If someone enters the premises, an alarm is triggered, whereas with a watchdog (such as the one pictured here), no alarm is triggered.

Alongside MxActivitySensor 2.0, which is available in the latest firmware version (, MOBOTIX now offers a new four-way sensor: MxMultiSense. This sensor records information such as the noise level, movement (PIR), temperature and brightness and is an inexpensive supplement to camera installations. It also monitors areas that cannot be captured by cameras. For the first time, MOBOTIX also introduced a PoE+ capable network switch. MxSwitch is a compact DIN rail module that can be used to directly connect and power up to four MOBOTIX Door Stations, cameras or other PoE/PoE+ devices. It is very well-suited for IP installations in small systems and, thanks to its minimal mounting height, it guarantees quick and simple installation into any electrical cabinet. For instance, MxSwitch also reduces cabling during the process of installing the fully preconfigured T25 Smart Access Set 2. This set is an easy-to-start security solution featuring smart home technology. The set is particularly well-suited for use in single-family homes and small businesses.

The new firmware version ( is available on the MOBOTIX website for download.

MOBOTIX is also continually developing in terms of software. The latest video management version of MxManagementCenter, the MxMC 1.3, was recently released and has already been downloaded over 10,000 times in the first five weeks since its launch. MxMC 1.3 offers many new functions that make the software even more efficient and easy to use. For instance, a tree structure in the device bar (which can be expanded on the side) provides a clear overview and enables simple navigation between cameras and camera groups.

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2016.12.14 - MOBOTIX Wins Two Awards At All-Over-IP

Moscow, Russia/Langmeil, Germany, 12 December 2016 At this year’s All-Over-IP security trade fair, which was held in Moscow at the end of November, MOBOTIX celebrated two successes. They were the only manufacturer in the field of IP video security to win the "Best Product" award, which went to their thermal radiometry camera models. These models can provide alerts for up to 20 different kinds of temperature events in a range from -40 to +550°C, which is decisive in detecting sources of fire and heat. MOBOTIX won another award in the "Next Big Thing" category for their new plug-and-play solution, a preconfigured complete IP video system for the front door. "We have succeeded in bringing home awards from All-over-IP for the third time. I’m very proud of that," said Mikhail Chichvarin, Business Development Manager Russia & CIS countries.

At the trade fair, MOBOTIX focused on presenting their innovative solutions for industrial applications and retail as well as the new plug-and-play models. The newly designed trade fair booth, which exclusively featured Russian text for the first time, was very popular with visitors. Partners, journalists and many new interested parties praised the booth’s open look and feel, and were thrilled by the MOBOTIX solutions on show. MOBOTIX topped off their appearance at the Moscow event with a specialist lecture by Project Manager Matteo Lugaresi entitled "Blending Technologies for a better living: CCTV as you’ve never seen it before."

Images from the trade fair booth

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2016.11.14 - International Partner Conference at MOBOTIX Headquarters

Nearly 200 guests are expected to join the International Partner Conference, taking place from 14th to 15th of November 2016 at headquarters in Langmeil.

MOBOTIX will showcase exclusive insights to the strategical orientation, the product development, the presentation of new solutions as well as cooperations with technology partners on the first conference day. Furthermore different partners will present successful projects.

The second day is focused on the setup of know-how. The new vertical solutions such as transportation, industry, perimeter and retail will be demonstrated in interactive workshops.

As part of this exclusive conference selected partners are awarded for outstanding performances during a dinner event.

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