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Pan-Tilt-Head for MOBOTIX Cameras

SEDi GmbH offers customer-specific solutions in the field of housing technology, dust, water, cooling and ATEX, specifically tailored to requirements. Furthermore SEDi have 5 generations of experience in pan and tilt devices. Self-sufficient energy systems for use with sensors and cameras have been developed and sold since 2014.

SEDi has been working with MOBOTIX for over 10 years and help to close gaps in order to enable the products to be used in every area and project. Our focus is on the integration of the MOBOTIX DNA and quality in solutions that the market demands. Pan Tilt Units for MOBOTIX cameras have been installed worldwide for over 10 years, with a durability that corresponds to that of the camera. The high‐speed pan‐tilt head features precision 12VDC stepper motors. It needs no mechanical stops due to sliding contacts. Energy systems have been supplying MOBOTIX cameras and radio links in remote sites without significant interruption since 2014.

SEDi brings the required solutions to MOBOTIX partners all over the world.


Key Features & Benefits

Available for: M15/M16, M24/M25/M26, S14/S15/S16 and M73
360° pan- 180° tilt - movement
Full PoE
Additional light and- or 12V DC port
4 endless tours, 128 pre-sets
4 different speeds up to 80°/s
8W power consumption

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