el 06 de octubre de 2022

MOBOTIX M16 VdS Thermal Camera Wins Silver GIT Award for Fire Protection

Every year, the GIT Awards are a good indicator of the acceptance and appreciation of products on the market in the security technology sector. The M16 VdS Thermal Camera has been awarded the silver medal in the fire protection category during the InterSec Forum at the Light & Building trade show in Frankfurt am Main.


The MOBOTIX M16 thermal camera has sophisticated technology that has proven itself many times over in fire protection applications. A new feature is the camera's VdS recognition, which because of the award from Europe's largest institute for corporate security gives users confidence they are using the best possible solution for fire protection.  This feature ensures quick and uncomplicated settlement should a claim arise. The use of VdS-approved products can result in a discount on the insurance premium.


"With the VdS recognition for the M16 VdS thermal camera, we offer our customers the additional benefit of saving time, money and effort when it comes to fire and fire insurance, in addition to a technically mature product. We are very pleased that the GIT Award makes it clear that our customers and the market appreciate this additional feature,” says MOBOTIX CEO Thomas Lausten.


MOBOTIX thermal cameras detect fire sources reliably and at a very early stage by detecting critical temperature thresholds. And they do so even before a fire starts from a distance of up to 60 meters. They warn, alert and initiate measures so that the spread of fire can be effectively fought and prevented.


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