el 08 de noviembre de 2022

MOBOTIX and Peter Communication Systems Protect Infrastructure of Energy Supplier Entega With Intelligent Video Technology

Infrastructure protection is and remains a key issue. The recently publicized sabotage of fiber optic cables in Germany provides vivid proof of this. Security of supply is also part of a current project by MOBOTIX AG and its long-time partner Peter Communication Systems. Together, they established a video surveillance solution on the Entega premises in Darmstadt, which effectively protects the critical infrastructure of the energy provider. The large Entega site houses the headquarters and various industrial areas, such as a gas turbine plant.

Reliably detecting hazards - even in absolute darkness.

The project focuses on protecting the site against access by unauthorized persons (perimeter protection) and access control for employees and visitors at all entrances and exits. Reliable protection of the site is particularly challenging at night. MOBOTIX thermal systems, which secure the outdoor area without additional lighting, play a central role in securing the place. As soon as an object moves into a relevant monitoring area, the powerful thermal sensors detect the intruder, even in absolute darkness or with sophisticated camouflage, based on the heat signature. 

"Our central task is to reliably protect the Entega infrastructure and thus the supply to connected households. In doing so, we actually make many people's lives a little bit better. And we are proud of that!", MOBOTIX Vice President Sales EMEA, Christian Heller is pleased to say.

With its decentralized approach and modular system, MOBOTIX delivers the flexibility that companies demand. In Entega's case, this is already paying off. The system will be expanded in the coming year. In addition, the decentralized MOBOTIX concept with central video analysis directly in the camera offers strong plus points regarding cyber security. This is particularly valued and rightly demanded from industrial companies and even more so in critical infrastructure, as Peter Communications Managing Director Matthias Peter also confirms: "We always consider security all-round: in addition to the perimeter security required by the customer, IT security and data protection of the video data generated were central components of our planning."