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Motion Analysis

MxActivitySensor: Reliable Motion Detection

Whether large objects in the foreground or small ones in the background, MxActivity­Sensor only records video or triggers an alarm if an important event actually occurs. Interference caused, for instance, by trees or flags moving in the wind, shadows, passing clouds or snowfall is consistently ignored.

MxAnalytics: Significantly Fewer False Alarms

Camera-Integrated Motion Analysis helps reduce false alarms, even in difficult situations like bad weather.


360° View

Hemispheric technology make it possible to get a 360° view without blind spots


Using hemispheric technology to monitor a warehouse.


Panorama image resulting from a fisheye recording: from wall to wall, from bottom to ceiling without blind spots


Another example of a panorama image as a result of the full 360° view

Light Sensitivity

Parking Lot

2 lux • 1/100 sec

Reliable person recognition on a parking lot at night.


2 lux • 1/100 sec

MOBOTIX 6MP Moonlight Technology in a situation with very little light.


1 lux • 1/100 sec

MOBOTIX cameras capture persons in situations with very little light reliably using 6MP Moonlight Technology.


2 lux • 1/60 sec

Another example of the reliability of MOBOTIX cameras with 6MP Moonlight technology.

Object Statistics

MxAnalytics: Camera-Integrated Video Analysis

Count People And Objects (Statistics)


Detection of Sources of Fire

Using MOBOTIX thermal cameras makes it possible to detect even the smallest sources of fire, e.g. a lit cigarette.

Monitoring High Risk Processes

An example of MOBOTIX thermal cameras in waste incineration plants

Protection: Detect Fires

Detecting a fire using MOBOTIX thermal cameras

Monitoring Processes In High Risk Fire Plants

MOBOTIX thermal cameras monitoring the process of incineration at a waste incineration plant

Thermal Cameras In Complete Darkness

MOBOTIX thermal cameras recordings in complete darkness

M15D Thermal

Recordings taken by a MOBOTIX M15D-Thermal at night