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04/11/2016 - MOBOTIX Software NOT Vulnerable To IoT-DDoS-Botnet Mirai

A few days ago, several internet articles claimed that MOBOTIX cameras were vulnerable to malware and could be used for botnets (network of infected PCs). These claims are unsubstantiated. The Mirai-Botnet mentioned in the articles makes use of the network protocols “telnet” or “ssh” respectively. However, "telnet" or "ssh" are not active on MOBOTIX cameras. Therefore, they cannot be used for botnets and consequently are not vulnerable to the Mirai-Botnet.

Apart from this, we generally advise our customers to change the standard admin password during initial start-up and to keep their cameras secure by making use of our free firmware updates. Both is described in detail in our manuals as well as in our quick install guides.

In general, customers are responsible for securing their product and application. This is common practice when providing network infrastructure and video security solutions like our cameras. We have no knowledge of any MOBOTIX camera having been infiltrated after the admin password had been changed as advised.

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