14 dicembre 2022

MOBOTIX Expands Competencies in Thermal Technology and Thus Increases Opportunities in the Growing Fire Protection and Security market

Langmeil, December 2022 - Thanks to new hardware and software and extensive certifications, MOBOTIX is strengthening its position in the market for thermal applications. This applies to fire protection, quality assurance, process optimization, and object and perimeter protection.


Triple-certificated MOBOTIX fire protection expertise

MOBOTIX thermal technology was certified three times in 2022 in terms of fire protection: by VdS (German Association for Loss Prevention), with EN 54-10 (EU standard), and by CNPP (French National Center for Prevention and Protection). The corresponding MOBOTIX video thermal systems can thus be integrated into fire protection systems, for example, and comply with building regulations and insurance company specifications. This opens up new potential for MOBOTIX in the vital fire protection market with its worldwide market volume of EUR 78 billion (EUR 2.3 billion in Germany alone; + 4% compared to the previous year).

New MOBOTIX thermal camera as a specialist in object and perimeter protection

MOBOTIX thermal technology is also expanding its portfolio in object and perimeter protection. Not only does the new single-eye MOBOTIX p71 Thermal ECO camera detect intruders via its heat signature even in absolute darkness, it is also suitable for data protection-compliant applications (GDPR), as it detects intruders but does not show personal identification details (privacy). In 2022, revenue for video surveillance technology worldwide (excluding China) was more than $13 billion (up 1.5 billion from the previous year). "Classic video security is still an essential aspect of our applications.," says MOBOTIX CEO Thomas Lausten. “Especially the versatility, performance, and reliability of our video systems, Made in Germany, give every reason for optimism. Not least because we also meet the highest standards in terms of cyber security. We will continue to invest in this quality and security, and have cybersecurity continually tested and proven through audits by independent institutes. Thus positioned and supported by further efforts in technical innovations, we plan to expand our market share in the market segment.”

MOBOTIX technology also offers tangible added value in the industry & production vertical. You can connect the MOBOTIX video thermal systems to industrial systems such as SCADA. The cameras allow data to be collected, merged, and analyzed, significantly supporting companies in saving money and increasing yields. "We have projects in which our MOBOTIX thermal cameras have fully paid for themselves for the companies after just two months. Since then, they have been helping to minimize material waste daily and earning cash for the company," emphasizes Lausten. "These options are also open to other customers and interested parties.”

The initial feedback from the MOBOTIX partner and customer survey on the market launch supports the great potential of the thermal solutions. The assessments of the relevance and innovative power of MOBOTIX solutions were consistently positive. In particular, the respondents emphasized the applications' versatility and concrete benefits.